“Angelina Jolie’s ‘owner’ has contracted coronavirus in jail, says defence


Imprisoned in the islamic republic of Iran, a woman who was well-known on the internet, such as “Angelina Jolie’s ‘owner’ has contracted coronavirus in the grounds of the presidio, where it meets the penalty as early as October 2019. The information was disclosed this Friday (17/04) by the organization for the defense of human rights, the Center for Human Rights in Iran.

Freedom of Khishvand on Instagram is identified as the Sahar Tabar, they would have been kept imprisoned in conditions that are unsanitary, without a respirator, the device is indicated for severe cases of Covid-19, according to her lawyer, Payam Derafshan told the New York Post.

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“It is unacceptable that a young woman may have been infected by the coronavirus, under such circumstances, while the order of detention has been extended for the whole of that time in prison,” said Payam publication by the united states. The NGOS linked to human rights, based in New York city.

In October of last year, the influencer who was arrested and indicted for blasphemy, incitement to violence and corruption of a minor on Instagram, and is awaiting trial.

Currently, Iran has 77,9 thousand confirmed cases of the Covid-19, with a 4.869 death, but the authorities deny that the influencer has been infected with a coronavirus. “It has become a habit for the authorities to deny him anything. It makes no sense to deny it. The director of the prison is unaware that she was hiv-positive and admitted to the hospital,” said Payam.

The digital influencer has earned headlines when she published a picture of what you just called “Angelina Jolie’s ‘Owner’ because of the thin extreme of the face, arms, and legs. The image has caused shock in the internet, and viralizou, but to Sahar revealed to me, then, to deal with the assembly and editing of the picture, and a lot of make-up.