Awesome!! See Tom Cruise as Iron Man in the Marvel comics


A new video with a technique deepfake, which consists in changing the face of the people, it is very popular in social networks. Thanks to this set up, it is now possible to see how Tom Cruise would be Iron Man, Marvel’s the place Robert Downey, Jr.

The choice, however, is not due to chance. For many years, the main rumor was that Tom Cruise would take the role of Tony Stark in the MCU (which stands for the Universe of Film from the Marvel comics).

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The Cruise had desmontrado a lot of interest in the role since 2004, but was not able to see it paying off. According to the story told by the actor in an interview he basically didn’t like the script.

“They would come up to me at a certain time… and When I do something, I want to do the right thing. If I commit to something, it should be done in a way that I’m aware of that is going to be something special. And as I was lining up, I just don’t felt like it was going to work.”

In any case, the role went to Robert Downey, Jr. considered as a major factor in the success of the hero and of the franchise, which was created on the basis of the “Iron Man”.

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A montage of Tom Cruise, made by the hadron Collider, can be seen below. Here is also a picture showing Tom Cruise as Iron Man.

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