Bella Thorne lost her father at the age of 9 years old. The actress also feels “broken”


Fhi-it’s been 13 years since the 16 day of April Nice Thorne, today at the age of 22, he was confronted with the saddest of news: the father of the actress and the model, The Delancey Business Thornehad passed away long ago.

With the advance of years, he taught Bella to live with the pain, but his heart would no longer be “torn to pieces”, as well as his own, revealed in a touching message he dedicated to his father on social networks.

“I hope that you are floating in the sky, like the beautiful bird that you have always wanted to be… and The amount of time it takes, but you’ve spent so many years and still feel like I’m too broken for you to be in my dreams tonight, so I’ll be able to say hello to,” wrote Jacob Thorne in the caption of a collection of photographs of the infâfor (you can see it in the photo gallery) where you can be seen by the side of the father.

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