check out the schedule of the lives on this end of the week


Sextou in style… And the inside of the house! End of the day on Sunday, with the lives, and musical numbers follow, such as entertainment, for those of you who are in quarantine during the pandemic of the coronavirus.

For now, the focus is on the gathering of the region’s inhabitants sought by Linda Mendoza on Youtube, starting at 19h. Tomorrow’s celebration will be even bigger, and the world in the festival’s ‘World together’, curated by pop-star Lady Gaga. On Sunday, the evening will close with a live for the King as Roberto Carlos, at 19: 45, which is celebrating 79 years of life.

Below, check out the list of lives that you roll the end of the day on Sunday.

Friday (17/4)

Workshow to Live with Linda Thomas, Maiara & Lucas, Zé Neto & Cristiano, Leo Santana, Dilsinho, João Neto & Frederico, Louise & Maurílio, Diego, and Victor Hugo, and Paul & Nathan) – 19 – YouTube

Felipe Aguilar – 20 – YouTube

On Saturday (18/4)

The Festival “One world: together, at home – 15 to 23 – Lady Gaga, it Was Eilish, Super M, Anitta, Taylor Swift, Elton John, The Killers, Stevie Wonder, and other international artists, are part of the live post-mortem takes place, and Globoplay with reexibição the Globe on the top of the hour”

The Lineup for the festival's online charity under the guardianship of Lady Gaga
The Lineup for the festival’s online charity under the guardianship of Lady Gaga’s Photo: Playback / the Global Citizen

The knights of the Dance – 15 – YouTube

Alexandre Pires – 16 – YouTube

Fernando & Sorocaba – 17 – YouTube

Mano Walter – 18 – YouTube

Wesley Safadão – 20 – YouTube

Paul – 22h – YouTube

On Sunday (19/4)

The Festival Jewel, from 10h to 21h – The festival brings together artists, Chico Alves, Sergio vieira de mello Santos, Pedro Miranda, from Memory, Assisi, Roge, Fhernanda Fernandes, Cláudio Jorge, Veronica Ferriani, Bernardo Wolf”, Ilessi, and Gabriel Moura, and Ana cristina Costa, in their respective accounts on Instagram.

Rust – 16 – YouTube

Henrique & Juliano – 18 – YouTube

Roberto Carlos – 19: 45 – Youtube, Globoplay world

Roberto Carlos, full is 79 years old and is celebrating with a live
Roberto Carlos, full is 79 years old and is celebrating with a live Photo by: Guilherme Pinto / Retailer on The Globe