Chris Hemsworth, sends it to the indirect-to Miley Cyrus in an interview


Chris Hemsworth is well-known for giving life to the mythological god Thor in the Marvel franchise, but he has also been the brother-in-law of Miley Cyrus as a singer, ” the next, in between many comings and goings, and even if you are married to his brother, also an actor, Liam Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus, hair, makeup. love by Cody Simpson

And it’s not that he brought with him the relationship between the former lovebirds surfaced? In an interview with the australian site,the artist of the hero, is a has caused, indirectly, for the singer to talk about her brother.

When asked about the physical form of a brother or sister in a photo shoot for the magazine Men’s Health, ” Chris said, “I think he’s got it. I thought to myself, ‘not bad dude, not bad’. He’s been training a lot on the way back to Australia. I think that it is the life in Australia. We are the redeemed of the Malibu.”

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Prior to the separation of the Music, they Read, he lived with her in the Malibu coastal zone, California, United States of america. In the meantime, speaking of blonde hair, and has also been interpreted as a reference to the song Malibu, of Cyrus, was released in the fall of 2017 as the first single from the album Singled out Now, and it talks about his or her life, and the ex.

Liam and Miley have started the relationship in 2008 while filming for the feature on The Last Song. They were completed in 2010, returned in 2011, and things have cooled down in 2013, until, to the surprise of the fans, and them engage in a novel in 2015, a wedding, a well-reserved in the year 2018. However, when everything seemed to be fine, and the divorce was first announced in August of 2019.

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From then on, with the eternal Hannah Montana related with model Kaitlynn Carter, and is currently dating the musician, Cody Simpson. Over the past few months, Liam has been in a relationship with model Gabriella Brooks.