Chris Hemsworth shows off how he, for the scene of intense fighting in the ‘Rescue’ – 17/04/2020

The star of the film “Redemption,” which debuts on Netflix on November 26, and Chris Hemsworth has shared today on his Instagram with a video of a rehearsal for a fight sequence in a long one.

“A sneak preview of this choreography of the fight is extremely comprehensive and our director, Sam, Hargrave set up for the Rescue,” reads the post made by the actor.

Chris Hemsworth has already announced that the film capitalizes on the action sequences, and he has promised the scenes “never seen before”:

“I got the job of stunt double in the fight scenes, in the hope of achieving something that no one else has done before. I think that the general public is going to be very impressed with this film,” he said in the video, given exclusively to the GALLERY for the Series.

“Redemption” tells the story of What a Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a mercenary who accepts a mission to go into the underworld of drug traffickers, weapons and drugs in order to rescue the child kidnapped from the boss of a crime. The film will count with the participation of mr David Harbour, of “Stranger Things”, and I will never forget you, Luke, for “13 Reasons Why”.