COVID-19: DiCaprio and De Niro are calling for donations in exchange for participation in the new movie, the martin Scorsese – Present


The winner, chosen at random, will also almoçará with the stars and the director, and will show up at a premiere in the world.

The initiative is part of a campaign to #AllInChallenge [“Todos no desafio”, em tradução livre]released on Tuesday, in which stars of the arts and a sports auction or a give a ‘ unique experience for the fans, and challenge other people to do the same.

The organizers have raised up to now $ 4 million with a goal of reaching 100 million, and with bonuses like having Justin Bieber in the house for a private concert, watching a game of basketball on the los angeles Lakers with Magic Johnson or play golf with Rob Lowe.

All of the funds that will be donated to the charity, which provides food assistance to those most in need, during the lock-down of the coronavirus, including Meals on Wheels, the Kid’s Hungry, and America’s Food Fund, launched this month by DiCaprio, with Laurene Jobs, the widow of the late Steve Jobs.

In the video, DiCaprio has challenged Ellen DeGeneres, who accepted it and gave you the opportunity to share in the presentation of his program, and that is Matthew McConaughey, who will take on the winner of the draw to his children especially to watch a football game in Texas, where it will be natural to you.

The campaign is the latest in a series of initiatives by celebrities to help out during a pandemic, ranging from the donation of millions of dollars from the singer Rihanna, the new fund of one billion dollars to the CEO of the nrl rugby online video, Jack Dorsey.

Some of the chosen subjects close to their hearts, and the co-creator of “Seinfeld”, Larry David has launched a campaign to GoFundMe for $ 150,000 to support the “caddies” golf without working in your exclusive Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles.