Daisy Ridley read a tale about a B-8 to thank you for those who respect the quarantine


Friends, during a pandemic, the coronavirus, the best solution is to stay at home if you can. If you don’t want to believe that our words are not health professionals, so give it the benefit of the doubt to no one other than Daisy Ridley, best known as the Rey mysterio of the new trilogy Star Wars: Clone Wars. She fought against the dangers intergalactic even more than the virus, so you know what you are talking about.

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To pay tribute to the health workers who put themselves at great risk, to help the local population in the fight against the Covid-19, and also to thank all the people who adhere to the quarantine, she decided to read a tale of youth on the Star Wars universe. BB-8 On the Run (something like “BB-8 on the lam” has been still the most beloved in the franchise, struggling to carry a map, even the leaders of the Resistance.

The text, unfortunately, does not have subtitles (if anyone is familiar with the version labeled, you can tell us!), but it is for those who understand English, or you just want to kill you to miss the show by talking about the universe Star Wars: Clone Wars since the launch of the With The Rising Fuel (2019).

Fans of Daisy Ridley’s summer, the british actress in the science-fiction “Chaos The Walking (To 2021), along with Tom Holland, and also in the lead role for the drama is amazing Kolmaone , about a widow who gets the opportunity, the magic of re-living his first great love. How to the Star Wars sagathe fans can soon be watching the series The Mandalorianwhen the service is Disney’s+ success in Brazil.

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