During a pandemic, Gisele Bundchen speaks to you if you have a fear of getting sick; the video of Who


Gisele Bundchen (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Gisele Bundchen (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Gisele Bundchen, on Friday (the 17th), he decided to open up her Instagram Stories to the questions of the fans. With almost 16 million followers, and she had separated some of the answers, and he talked about the current pandemic of the new coronavirus, and their children, BenjaminTo 10, and WellAnd 7.

Asked about the anxiety, She said, it does have its moments, and tools. “In fact, I’m a mile a minute, but I do have moments of peace and quiet. I think that yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, all of these tools have helped me a lot,” he said (watch the video by clicking below.

If you have a fear of getting sick in the middle of a pandemic, She said she doesn’t focus on it. “It’s not something that I have, I think, on a day-to-day. The focus is on how do I take care of my health and to feel good every day. The focus on health care.”

Alternating between the answers in both English and Portuguese, She spoke about how she learned the English language. “I learned English when I was about 16 years old and just moved to New York city. I was listening to Boys II Men and Mariah Carey non-stop on my walkman. Yes, it was in my address book, believe me when I say,” joked the über-model, the 39-year-old.

When asked if the two children, both of them with the soccer player in the north american, Tom, Brady, speaking in Portuguese, She revealed: ‘Yes, you two are talking about, only that I have Lived it speaks it speaks with no accent-none. Bertrand “elky” grospellier has an accent, but they understand it.”

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