Fiona Apple, lana novo lbum; Or ‘Fetch the bolt cutters’


Fiona Apple, j
Fiona Apple-j has played in some of the biggest festivals in the world, and it’s a great name, but an alternative (photo: Dan Monick/Divulgao)

Far away from the average, and not so much that there’s nothing since 2012 Fiona Apple to return to the spotlight with the disk in However, the bolt cuttersthe quinto lbum de estdio da cantora norte-americana. The work was done completely in-house, where he lives in the Los Angeles area, and has 13 tracks totaling a little over 51 minutes.

The new album is based on the percusso and the piano. Apple played the instruments, recorded the voices, and he co-produced all the tracks on the lbum, which is also included on the tape that accompanies it, composed by Amy Aileen Wood, Sebastian Steinberg, and Warning Mexico. All of the singer’s home has been used for the gravaes, and a lot of the tracks were given a part of the treatment for the video phone of the artist’s work.

The more you have, the a consolidated career, Fiona Apple has had it for the first time, in complete control of how all of this was done in the fifth, the work of the artist. Always with the labels and strengths behind the singer and I had never been able to have the final say at all stages of the production and it was decided that it was time to lbum, would be completely determined by it.

Another curious point in the new work of the artist, it is up to the participaes special. The actress and model Cara Delevingne records a sentence in the range However, the bolt cutters, title of a lbum, in addition to it’s Mercy, the dog causes her to fall late on a few tracks. The disc also has the sound of a bell, cantarolados, and all are present in the sounds of the interldio of the disk.

Even with the high expectations for it as it would be for the lbum, the rebound aps o lanamento was one of the best it is possible to. Early in April, against the wishes of the distributor, who wanted to lan it up in October, with the disk j is placed as one of the best of the year, even with eight months to go in the year 2020.

Another feat of alcanada at work has the note, 10 is given by Pitchforkto website, specialized on the crtica-of-music-independent way. However, the bolt cutters became only the 12th to achieve the mark and the first since My beautiful dark twisted fantasyfrom Kanye West, rolled into 2010, and it points to the part of the average as the best album of the last dcada.

The career and personal life

Fiona Apple is a fenmeno of music, alternative, rock, female. The age of 18 years, and in 1996, she lanou, the first lbum of his career, Demandthat earned her a Grammy award for the pipe The Criminalis , the greater the success of singer-songwriter acts of today.

The singer, known also for the clips of the interesting, and often signed by the director, Paul Thomas Anderson, with whom he had an affair with at the beginning of his career.

This is a new lbum is also the mark of a period in which Apple is the est sbria. The artist is said to be the Vulture that is in the drink hour, more or less two years ago.

She also has had problems with drugs when entering into the world of the famous. The singer has confessed to, and including, the web site IndieWirewho was cocana, and the ecstasy of a way to play it, but he quit the aps for a night out excruciating” you went through with her ex-boyfriend Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of the cinema of Quentin Tarantino.

A very self-absorbed, Fiona Apple went through some tough times because of the reputation he earned with the success of the album that lanou. Today, at the age of 42, she is carrying a life inside of your home. The artist lives with his best friend, Zelda Hallman, and two dogs. Now, back on the wool thing in a period of social isolation, but that confirmed it Vulture what you want to do it with a turn of the disc when all of this will pass.

However, the bolt cuttersnew lbum da cantora Fiona Apple

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