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The action or effect of to resist, not give in or yield; ability to endure hardship, refusal of submission to the will of a third party; the opposition’s reaction. Film’s strength – and that is no language to depict it with skill. In difficult times, art can also inspire us and give us the strength to fight back.

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The residents of a small town located in the brazilian backlands, called the Nightjar, found that the community was not listed on any map. For a few, you see something strange in the region, as the drones roam the skies, strangers come to town for the first time, with an air of suspicion. When the cars if they become the victims of the shooting and the dead bodies begin to appear She (Barbara Colen), Domingas (Sonia Braga), local authorities (Thomas Aquinas), Pliny (Wilson Select), Extended (Silvero Pereira), and other people come to the conclusion that they are being attacked. The lack in identifying the enemy, and to build, collectively, a means of defense.

The tragedy of forgetting, or erasure, is the key theme of the film, which blends perfectly with a touch of the wild west, to go back to the cangaço, and re-interpret it according to its potential for dramatic events, and others. Sci-fi, movies, action, and comedy to the regional meet harmoniously in the film, and he brings these genres, and always with self-consciousness.

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In a difficult financial situation, the pilot Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) and his girlfriend Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) pursue any source of income. They are able to get their hands on a substance that is valuable, but it is a dangerous, ultimately leading to the persecution of the Empire, and the separation between the two. Worried, Han use all of his cunning to infiltrate enemy territory in a plan is risky, but it can give you the opportunity to return to the homeland and reconnect with your loved one. If it fails, you will have to give an account of the dangerous, Dryden I (Paul Bettany). On the way, the driver will find relevant partners, such as han solo (Joonas Suotamo) and Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover), the original owner of the Millennium Falcon.

The story is the focal point, creating situations that have all contributed to the forging of the character is doubtful of the smuggler, the iconic Star Wars universe, which is transformed into a hero by circumstance. It had everything to go wrong and to build the youth for the character and consolidate the same for the fans demanding it, but it works amusingly.

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In 1978, Ron Stallworth (John David Washington, a black officer in Colorado, was able to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan to the site. He was able to communicate with the other members of the group through phone calls and letters, and when he needed to be physically present, he sent another policeman to the white one in its place. After months of research, l. Ron hubbard was the leader of the sect, and was responsible for disrupting a series of lynchings and other hate crimes, which were orchestrated by the racists.

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It would be absurd if it wasn’t for real. As the story is set in the ‘ 70s, director Spike Lee manages to do a great homage to the Blacksploitation is a movement in film in the U.S. that came into existence during this period of time, where the directors and actors, the blacks, began to produce a series of feature films.

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Veronique (Anne Wiazemsky), is a student of French philosophy, which forms a group with four other friends of the university, to discuss social / political issues. The adherents of maoism, they will see the name and decide to leave for more extreme measures against what they consider to be unfair.

The film, which recounts a discourse of politicized in favor of the working class, in a tone of voice, the mixture of power with hesitation. The sounds, repetitive and extended cuts of quick catch phrases on the walls of the china’s cultural revolution, the marxist-leninists of the Sorbonne, and Malcolm X, drawing on a meta-language concept of the sit-in.

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