Hailee Steinfeld has joined the world of video games, and becomes a character in the mobile game


Can you imagine being able to get in a game with the character of the Hailee Steinfeld? No, it does not create the ” on “The In-Gamea ” yes ” to something even more special for the fans.

+ Hailee Steinfeld made the audition to get in Little Mix and you’re all going to die of laughter!

Recently, the singer released her latest single, “theI-Love-You-s“ that marked the back of it, to the world of classical music, with a letter to the super empowered about self-love. But what no one expected is that in the song, and Hailee would be a part of a mobile game.

The MuzArcade it’s an app, with several interactive games involving our favourite songs, and – “I-Love-You-s” he entered the lists with them. And in one of these games, it is possible to use the character of Hailee in the style of the Flap The Bird. It gives just a sneak peak of it:

We are here, opening your phone to download it and pass it to the rest of the quarantine platform.