‘House of Paper’. 10 things about the series is that you don’t know


The House of Paperthe famous series of Netflix it debuted recently in the fourth season. Full of action, mystery, and romance, this is one of a series seen all over the world. But did you know all of the details? The It Facts reveals you some secrets.

1. The current name is not the first option

Even those who have not seen the show, you’ve definitely heard of it. The phenomenon quickly spread all over the place, and it is at level 1.No place at the top of the most viewed in the Uk. The The House of Paper it was not chosen in the short term. At first, the series would be called ‘Los desahuciados’,it is in Portuguese and means “The Displaced” to refer to any of the characters.

2. They were made more than 50 releases for the first time

Alvaro's Death in the House of Paper
Photograph By: Handout / Sign

If there is an episode, important, and decisive in the series, this is the first one. It is created by the first impact, and because of this, you have to be as perfect as possible. In order to hold the viewers, the pilot episode has been produced over 50 times, changing and adding to the small details, which in the end makes all the difference.

3. The notes are to be printed on the printing paper

For the money, this is, without a doubt, one of the focal points of the series, which begins in just a burglary of the Home of the same Coin. Thus, it would be necessary to be able to play millions of euros. Due to the impossibility to use the actual machine to “print” the money is in the interests of safety, they had to follow a different path. The solution they went on to use the printers in the newspaper, in Spanish ABCby printing the counterfeit notes in a paper journal.

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4. Tokyo was the first person to be appointed

Tokyo in the House of Paper
Photo: the House of Paper: The Phenomenon / Sign

One of the distinctive features of the series is that the characters have all the names of the towns and cities, thus maintaining anonymity. Interestingly enough, the name of the protagonist, came of course. The producer, Alex Pina was dressed in a sweatshirt with the word “Tokyo” and so it was decided to name the character of Ursula Corbero. From that moment on, there were other names also, which are inspired by cities and towns.

5. Have you used sugar cubes to simulate a drive-by shooting

In a series full of drama, and it involves one of the biggest heists in the story, could not help but be moments of intense action. In the first period, when the would-be robbers out of the House on the embankment, they engage in a shootout with the police. At the moment we can see the car from starting, in fact, there are sugar cubes to simulate the particles.

6. The equipment has been designed to the last detail

The number of Spanish that is full of symbols. The first red as used in the then the director, in addition to the state-of-alert is intended to convey the nervousness and the passion. Therefore, the staff of the photography works with the colors dark, and the service industry, so as to bring out the red in the characters. Also, in the the mask it represents a number, and it is more of a symbol and reproduced in the popular culture all over the world. And, as might be expected, the song. ‘Bella, Ciao’ it symbolizes the endurance, and won a new life of 75 years ago.

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