Hugh Jackman says his replacement as Wolverine in the Marvel comics


Hugh Jackman is not coming back, even in the role of Wolverine. The actor is considered to be the interpreter of the perfect hero in the Marvel universe.

For nearly 20 years, and the star lived up to the mutant in the movie X-Men produced by Fox. The last night he was in Boston (2017).

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In 2019, walt Disney has purchased the Fox – what did the X-Men franchise back to Marvel. With this scenario, many thought that Hugh Jackman would return to play the role of Wolverine once again.

However, The Daily Beast, Hugh Jackman has returned to the state that you are retired from the role. Not only that, you said that you don’t see the problem with that is the fact that Marvel had to find another actor for Wolverine.

Honestly, if it were to be for seven years, (to come to in the MCU), I’d be totally, ” Oh, yes.” But, I do know that it was the right time for me to leave the party – and not just for me, and for the character too (in Boston). Someone is going to pick up the character and get on with it. It is very good for this not to happen. It’s as if you’re going to go home and your friend calls and says, ‘there’s A new DJ arrived and the music is too much, you will want to come back?’, and you say, ‘sounds nice, but no,’” he said at the time.

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Hugh Jackman also made sure that the Marvel “is going to be okay,” with another actor. With this, the player ends up with any rumor of a return.

The declarations of the Same Name, should heat up all the comments in the Marvel universe. It is confirmed that the X-Men are going to come in the MCU, the universe of film from the publisher.

However, it is not yet clear when this will happen, and what will be in the squad.

As we all know, the Wolverine is one of the main heroes of the X-Men. Even so, the rumors are that the Marvel universe whether it is a well-known name in the paper.

The latest name mentioned for the job, was that of Henry Cavill, the Superman of DC. However, Taron Egerton, from the Rocketman, it looks like one of the favorites.

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The Marvel universe still doesn’t tell you when the Wolverine, will appear in the MCU.