“I was drinking orange juice with vodka in the morning’


Photo: Reproduction

Kanye West decided to open up the game on his day. In an interview with GQ magazine, the rapper admitted he had taken vodka and orange juice in the morning, and he commented on how the pressure of the appointments, led in part by alcohol abuse.

– Can you Imagine-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch the Throne [sendo indicados] in the same year, and none of them will be chosen as the Album of the Year. Imagine celebrating The Life of Paul, and we drove all over the road, and you will never hear any of these songs on the radio, and his wife, and his daughter is in the car with you.

The husband of Kim Kardashian has also revealed that he became fond of the drink, so you feel that you could cope with the pressure in the event of the award, and to be what he’s called Clark Kent, the Super Man:

I – that’s normal – it’s not a claim it is true. Do you know what is normal for me? One of the acts. I can’t act normal, and I’m like Clark Kent. But the artists are the people who consider themselves to be super-heroes.

In spite of his addiction, and the controversy on the red carpet, He told me that no one has ever referred to him as an alcoholic is functional.

People called me “crazy”, people would call me names of anything, but not the alcoholic is in operation. I was drinking orange juice with vodka in the morning.

The time to stop by for a drink, came from a thought. The song tells us that the son of one of the pastors of the church members said, they felt good on the album rapping about Jesus, by Kanye West, and that has made all the difference.

– One day, when I was in my office working on a collection of high-fashion, and there was a bottle of vodka in the fridge. I was going to take a daily dose, and I looked at her and thought to myself, the Devil, you are not going to defeat me today. This statement is like a