It is not only country names for the pop and rock music to herald in their lives.


In addition to the festival, One World: Together, At Home, and they have names like Paul McCartney and Eddie Vedder on Saturday (18), and bands such as Radiohead, Megadeath, and Metallica will be presenting live from this Thursday (16th); please check out the full list

It is not only for the region’s inhabitants will be able to live confined in the house in years. The big names in the rock and pop world, announced lives, and for the next couple of days. The largest of these is the “One World: Together, At Home, to a music festival and benefit and is completely online, which includes the likes of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Eddie Vedder, Stevie Wonder, and Lady Gaga, who will lead the event on the Saturday (the 18th), at 15h (gmt), and broadcast live by the tv channels Globoplay and a post-mortem takes place.

But, before that, the guitar will play. David Gilmour, who has already been showing off for the fans a little bit of your artistic side with the inside of the house, announced a live, this Thursday (16th) at 16: 30 (est) at the Facebook. Entrte of the bands that still stand out in the Radiohead will also be on this Thursday (the 18th), beginning at 18 o’clock, and Metallica, on the following Monday (20th).

Check out below the complete list drawn up by the portal, a 89 FM radio. Schedules and links to all of the events are subject to change.

Thursday 16 April:

Ben Gibbard, of Death Cab For Cutie is the “Live At Home” at 12 o’clock.

The members of Tool, Megadeth, Korn, and The Winery Dogs, gathered together on the globe.

Laura Marling teaches a class in guitar at 15.

Maria maria is a live-in-your-Instagram for 16 hours.

David Gilmour does live with his family on Facebook until 16: 30.

Radiohead has a concert unprecedented and historic to 18.

The allies make a live YouTube video of the of 89 to 20.

Dolly Parton introduces the series “Goodnight with a Long” 20.

Foy Vance, Jade, Bird, among others, the “Closer ” In Crisis” at 21.

Di Ferrero e Gee Rocha (NX Zero), and make it live at 21: 30.

The Black mountain lions do live in the YouTube 22 pm

Friday, April 17th:

New Order + Liam Gillick, in the live from the Manchester International Festival, at 15: 30.

Low, is streaming in to your Instagram, to 17.

Fresno is the show “QuarentEmo on YouTube 20.

The Wonders is a meeting for the film That Thing You Do! 20.

Jimmy Eat World will make your session and short acoustic (electric?)” 20 (preview).

Midwife promotes a live-on-Facebook 20.

Toke is the live broadcast at 21h.

The Grateful Dead has a show background in his series of “Shakedown Stream”, às 21h.

Hozier attends The Late Late Show with from any of the 01h35 (early Saturday morning).

Saturday, April 18:

The Killers is live on Instagram, at 16.

Clarice Falcão, Tássia Reis, Kick the Beat, and Silva’s in-Home Sessions in the Set. at 16 hours.

Ben Folds is a livestream charity for 20 hours.

Elton John, Eddie Veder, Chris Martin and Paul McCartney in One, World at 21.

Sunday, April 19,

LollaBRemCasa – a tribute to the stage, on Stage Perry como – on the 16.

Kevin Devine at the Consequence of Sound the 17.

Erykah Badu responsible for its Quarantine Concert Series at 21.

Monday, April 20th

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, it shows the new cover.

Joe Mount from Metronomy, gets invited to live to 15.

The H. E. R. presents “Girls With Guitars” at the 20.

Metallica, promoting their “Metal Mondays” on with the show than ever.