Jennifer Aniston is on the mend from Brad Pitt to John Mayer? — The Journal Of The Carioca


Two photos, photo f, Jennifer Aniston with John Mayer on the left and a photo of Brad Pitt on the right

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It is Jennifer Aniston back John Mayer as a “rebound” after Brad Pitt ? This is the story of a national newspaper is releasing this week. Gossip Cop you can fix the complaint.

“Jen’s on the mend, with Mr. Right ! ” so goes the headline of an article in the National Enquirer this week . The article begins by stating that the ex-husband of Aniston as Brad Pitt’s “tied up with a galpal Alia Shawkat, and its ongoing battle for custody with the ex of Angelina Jolie”. What this suggests is that the “recovery” from Aniston following a failed relationship with Pitt, but it was designed to be misleading. The article does not make claims to direct that Aniston and Pitt met since I broke up to 220, but it only says that Aniston “already in another meeting with Mayer, who has dated 2000 and 2009.

The tabloid claims that Aniston and Mayer were spotted together at the Sunset Tower Hotel for dinner shortly before the start of the block of the coronavirus in Los Angeles though, oddly enough, they are not given the photos to prove it. “In addition to that Brad, Jen has become an open secret among his friends that John was the love of his life,” says a supposed “insider” for the publication are not to be trusted. “She was devastated when he left.”

Virtually all of the details of that story are false. First of all, there’s this one supposed to meet for dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel. At the beginning of the month of February, Page Six Mayer and Aniston met up for dessert and there but it was “not a date”. Their mutual friends, of Amanda Anka and Andy Cohen were there. It was just a meeting between friends. If Aniston and Mayer have been meeting up there before the start of the quarantine, it would have happened a few weeks ago, which means that the tabloid would be sitting on this story for about a month before I post it. In addition to this, the representative of Aniston denied that the ex are back together…. The story is just a fiction a total.

In addition to this, it has it all over Brad Pitt. How to Gossip Cop he explained to you several times, Pitt and Aniston it was not liked romantically anyway, since the divorce, though they remained friendly over the years. In addition to this, also to disclaim, with the frequency of the now-popular theory as to why Pitt is currently dating Alia Shawkat what it is not – that they are just friends . This article has been developed on the basis of a pile of bullshit.

This is not the first time that the tabloids are trying to pair with John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston since the breakup, there are more than a decade ago. In February of this year, for example, N he claimed, falsely, that Interview, he warned Her to stay away from Aniston after that, things were “getting serious” between the ex-spouses – that is, of course, they weren’t.