“Living in sin will cost you more than you can afford to pay,” says Kanye West


In an interview published in this week’s rapper Kanye West he spoke openly about his christian faith, and why is it important for christians to speak up.

The rapper’s 42-year-old, who said he was “definitely born-again,” said Will Welch, GQ magazine, the difference between considering a matter of judgment.

“Everyone has sinned”, West, ” said Welch, noting that he became a christian also involves the acceptance of other believers and the one responsible for his actions — something he said many of the critics don’t seem to understand.

“They think it’s all of a sudden you believe in Christ, and we have to talk,” West said. “If you talk, people will say, ‘Oh, you’re being judgmental’. And it’s like, ‘Oh, now, why I am a christian, and I do not have more to say?’. Well, I am a christian, and I still have a point of view. But, in my opinion, it is based on the Word of God.”

At another point in the conversation with the writer of the GQ, West said that he is proud of the fact that, in the event of a ‘Sunday Service’ (services which he has done dominicalmente in an open area) are local, “non-judgmental”.

“I am sorry that the churches that a lot of people grew up when you were a child you had an environment of the negative. The best thing for me, as someone who gave his life to Christ, and to know that other people have these moments, like an anchor, and a way to cure it, ” he said about the events.

The West says that these services only have you helped us to grow in your christian faith.

The artist, who is married to socialite and TV personality Kim Kardashian, has said that those who are not in the service of God, they are “in the service of the whole of the rest of it”.

“Living in sin, going to it costs more than you can afford to payit, ” said West. “You don’t want to continue to sin without repentance. I understand that people feel like they have made some of the sins of culture. But the only sins that are real sins against God, and you do not want to continue to sin against God.”

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West also said he will vote for the president, for the first time in his life, back in November, and it’s quite clear that he will vote for the president, Donald Trump.

“No one tells me who I should vote for because of my color,” he said to Welch. “It’s definitely going to vote this time around. And we know who I’m voting for”.

Many critics have argued that West’s career would plummet after that, he will stand publicly with the leader of the republican in 2016. However, in the West, this was not a decisive issue.

“I will not be told by the people around me, and for the people who have their own agenda. my career is going to end, because, guess what, I’m still here! ‘Jesus is King’ was the album to number 1 upon its release,” he said.