Marathon. Warner Channel shows or movies with Adam Sandler; you know when you


Adam Sandler in a scene from the Click to the Image Playback)

This is good news for the fans of the Adam Sandler. The Warner Channel it will show on the next Sunday April 19,a series of movies featuring the actor. The event will feature a long, impressive career of the actor, including the Wife of make-believe, and As If for the First Time.

The special program starts from the 12h20 on the Sunday, with a view to Tune in to the Love. Launched in 1998, the romantic comedy, account of, under the direction of Frank Coraci and screenwriter Tim Herlihy. In the story, Adam Sandler, interprets Robbie Hart, a singer in the wedding that you dream of becoming a songwriter. A week prior to getting married to Linda (Angeça Feathestone, he meets Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) at a wedding and the attraction is immediate. Abandoned at the altar, and upon finding out that the fiance of Julia, is unfaithful to him, to Know he did everything to woo the woman with whom he fell in love with her.

The 14: 15 it has Click (2006), a feature film directed by Frank Coraci and written by Steve Koren and Mark O’keefe. Michael Newman (Sandler) is struggling to balance the intense routine of working at the architectural firm, with the personal life. The solution comes when he enters a shop, the mysterious, and find a remote control more than special. Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, and David Hasselhoff is part of the cast.

Zohan: An Agent is a Good Cut-off (2008) takes place at 16h20. In the film, a comedy directed by Dennis Dugan, is included with Zohan Dvir (Sandler), an agent of the high command of the military of Israel, who has the dream of becoming a hairstylist in New York city. For the following, he’s going to forge his own death during an attack by the terrorist, the Phantom (John Tuturro). The cast also features Emmanuelle Chriqui, Nick Swardson and Lainie Kazan.

Already in the 18h25 it starts with the display of the As If it Were the First Time (2004), but it’s a romantic comedy in which Adam Sandler star together with Drew Berrymore. In the long-Henry Roth is a veterinarian at paquerador, who lives on the big island of Hawaii. His next conquest is to Lucy Whitmore. Quickly, a resident of the place wins the heart of Henry. However, a young woman suffering from memory loss, short term, and because of this, to stay by her side, He would win her over, day after day. The director is Peter Segal.

And, finally, The wife of make-believe (2011) that goes to the air to 20h15 on Sunday, the 19th. More a film by Dennis Dugan, Sandler plays a plastic surgeon with a successful, Danny Maccabee. After an unsuccessful attempt, unhappy marriage, he goes on to live in multiple relationships with no strings attached. However, one day, he meets a young girl Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and ends up very interested, even to the point of wanting to marry her. But the confusion is only guaranteed when he makes that you are married to Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), his best friend and assistant, who is a single mother.

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