MC Livinho, the win an you can hear the funk, the root of James Brown and Stevie Wonder – 17/04/2020


Those who see Livinho-in shows and music videos, having rap drought-affected by the trap, you will not believe your taste in music is much more elastic in that it would involve philosophy as funkeira. MC paulista —and the football player, in the small hours places— loves funk music, and we’re talking about the genre’s american funk music from the ground up, in the style of James Brown in the 1960s, and the lives of so many students over the next decade.

The guest for the number of YOUTUBE “Playlist of the Week, he has put together a list packed with classics of black music, with Stevie Wonder (“Isn’t She Lovely”), Bill Whiters (“Lovely Day”) and Bobby Womack (“If You Think You’re Lonely Now”), they share the space with the names of the talented of the new generation, such as Ray J (One Wish), Ruben Studdard (“Sorry 2004”), and the american, Mario (“Let me Love You”).

But what of Mario? “Short films in it,” he says, Livinho, which is to follow the news, but it is falling into the classic. The taste comes from the childhood and the teenage years, when he began to take an interest in music and to receive nominations for older people. Stevie Wonder, for example, has always been a leader.

“He is an example to me in all of it. The music, the makeup, the production, and also as a human being. It’s a monster,” rejoice in the win an that it is said to mirror the romance, and in many other ways, in legends such as Ray Charles, Bobby Womack, and Bill Whiters, who passed away at the end of march. “That’s him.”