Michael Cera would return to the stream, Scott Pilgrim


The protagonist of the Scott Pilgrim versus the World, Michael Cera he told in an interview that you’d love to roll back to a sequence in the film written and directed by Edgar Wright. The ComicBookthe actor has said there is a closeness among the cast, thanks to the bonds that are created in the course of the production.

If that’s the way to bring together all of the world to spend time with you again, I love them [fazer uma sequência]then, ” said the actor, who cherished the spirit among the members of the main cast which, in addition to Wax, also includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead (The birds-of-Prey), Kieran Culkin (Succession), Anna Kendrick (A Small Favorand Ellen Wong (GLOW). “Bill Popethe director of photography was brunch with a certain frequency. It really was a feeling of an extended family”.

When asked about the fear of a re-visit to a “the well of ideas” and you will not be able to reproduce the quality of the original long, Wax, and stated that “thewell” in fact, it was formed by the team that worked on the film. “It was a great group. Fortunately, for all of us to try, and it really was such a great bandthen, ” said the actor, who said that the cast members used to meet up a few years after this film was released in the year 2010.

An adaptation of the COMIC of the same title, written and illustrated by Bryan Lee O’malley, Scott Pilgrim versus the World it showed the character of the title, inhabited by the Wax, taking on the seven ex-boyfriends, the evil of their new would-be suitor, Ramona Flowers (Winstead). Among the actors who lived in the world, Scott is Chris Evans, Brandon Routh and By Jason Schwartz. Brie Larsonof Captain Marvelalso appearing as an ex-girlfriend in the Scott.