One World: Together At At At At At Home use lives, and to mobilize the brand and the people


After more than 30 years since heavy-weights such as Queen, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and company took the stage in various parts of the world, to help stop the famine in Ethiopia, during the festival, Live Aid, the world is going through a revival of the format. At that time, two billion followed the concert, and they were able to make your donation over the phone. On the next Saturday (the 18th), One World, Together, At Home, promises to surpass that feat by leveraging the power of streaming on the internet.

The presentation of the Queen at Live Aid, has made the story of an Organization, one of the sponsors of the festival, which has gained great visibility

The festival will bring together the hit makers such as Lady Gaga, who will present a curated show, in addition to Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Paul McCartney, Elton John, The Rolling Stones and a host of other stars from music and television, such as Jimmy Fallon, Victoria Beckham. Sponsored by the World Health Organization, with the support of the NGO ” the Global Citizen, the mega-event’s mission is to raise funds and to contribute to the fight against Covid-19. At the same time, it’s going to be to promote the social withdrawal, which is encouraging people to stay in their own homes.

Paul McCartney participated in Live Aid in 1985, and also will be present in this One World Together, At Home, on a Saturday (the 18th)

The formula, with the live music it has been tested on a smaller scale, with local artists, in the lives that you made the inside of the house. In Brazil, for example, and the singers, the region’s inhabitants have been all time records on YouTube, as Linda Also recently added more than $ 3.3 million. With the support of the Stone, and flip-Flops, to live, it also raised a ton of food. Now, One of the World want to increase the streaming to mobilize the brands, influencers, and members of the public.

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With 15 sponsors, including Pepsi, which presents the event as an example of what he did back in 1985 with Live Aid, and other brands, the weight, such as J&J, P&G, IBM, and Coca-Cola is also back on the schedule. There is no denying the exposure and the audience would have expected. If you compared it to Live Aid, which has been shown in more than 100 countries, reaching more than 2 billion people on TV, at a time when it had never been made, the One the World has all it takes to get into the record books.

Not to mention the opportunities for product placement and other forms of merchandise. In this epic the presentation of the Queen’s, for example, the picture of Freddie Mercury on piano for Bohemian Rhapsody was the context for him. In the picture, several glasses of Pepsi and can be seen at the top of the instrument.

By bringing up the context for One’s World, a lot of possibilities for cross-platform, should be ready by the brands. The event will be shown on dozens of TV stations from around the world. In Latin America, Colombia, venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, colombia, costa rica, among others, are some of the countries with the transmission.

In Brazil, it will be on the channel Globo, Multishow, Sony, Turner (TNT), and Viacom, in addition to the GloboPlay, and Yahoo, Brazil, digital. The country will also help with the music. The presenter James Leifert, will conduct the presentation on the basis of 16 hours on the project, which will feature a concert of the singer Anitta.

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But in the digital world, which promises to raise the greater part of the audience. This is because, in addition to the broadcasts, via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and the artists themselves will also be able to stream your performances on your social media channels. Streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Apple TV will show the programme.