PROGRAM invites you and Benjamin. For the quarantine with her grandmother, the “naivety” of the TV-Always


The guest on the tenth episode of the Station is the Benjamin. Born to Luis Nani, the music of Lisbon, spoke about the drive that got you ready to go out, and the questions about whether or not to postpone it, and the way it has been for these weeks of social isolation with his grandmother.

Right at home, and Benjamin spoke, in an interview with Lia Pereira and Luis Guerraabout the fact that you have agreed to take part in a TV Fest, an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, which had to be cancelled, and the side effects, however they were generated.

A first look at the new album from Real Estate, and Laura Marling, and the state in the festivals and concerts in Europe and in the Uk, and it’s still in the concert, “One World: Together, At Home, with Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish and Eddie Vedder, among others, “a Jersey Is a Jersey with Bruce Springsteen, and other artists from New Jersey, are some of the topics covered in this episode of this week in the podcast of the PROGRAM.

The conduct of the Station, was recorded under special conditions in order to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities, due to the covid-19, and was in charge of the Lia Pereira and was told print media Joseph Cedovim Dick and Jane’s Beauty.

Welcome to all of you.