Pure luxury! The website shows details, of the manor of Kendall Jenner out in Hollywood, with a large walk-in closet and a swimming pool, bapho, see pictures.

As well as their family, and Kendall Jenner, knows very well to take advantage of the a lot of luxury! This Friday (the 17th), and the Daily Mail gave the details of the mansion’s top model, which is located in the Hollywood Hills. With three floors and an amazing view of Los Angeles, the property unites the comfort and sophistication, and a modern and contemporary style.

The residence is in Kendall and has four well-appointed rooms, especially the master suite. In addition to the king size bed, in the room of the model with the white sofas, and a walk-in closet is huge, it even has an island in the center, in order to better optimize the space. From the precincts of the house, and that is also a gourmet kitchen, open-plan kitchen, as well as a dining room and two living rooms, which follow the same concept, one with a fireplace.

Kendall has an office in the house, but it is not the only way to work is to live the star. The top model, you can enjoy a nice recreational property with a large swimming pool and a bar with a bottle of wine and glasses of champagne. Not to mention the stunning roof terrace with a beautiful view, massage chairs, and it was all worked out to be in an environment of pure relaxation. It was delicious, wasn’t it? Check out the photos here:

Wow! It’s just that she gave me the name of a worthy, Kardashian-Jenner,… to The humble home he has been owned by a couple, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. But now it’s time for Kendall to take a few good drinks and enjoy your privacy, there… If you can do a little party, just send me an invitation! Lol Let’s go in there.

To take a virtual tour of the house, please click here.