Quarantine: hints, series, movies and books for boys and girls


During the social isolation of not only the children, but also teens who are living with a new routine in our house. Thinking about them, to SEE the RIVER, invited the writer, screenwriter, Louise Wheat, in order to indicate that the films, books and tv shows in the world teen. The fourth work of the author, “in My 15 years, turned into a film in 2017, with the actress, Larissa Manoela as the main character, this is the first tip on the list. Check it out below:


I was 15

Bia finds out that he will win a party for 15 years. The problem is that the girl is the dreamer did not have a lot of friends to invite them to be a little popular in the school. She, with the help of the only friend and father to fix the situation.

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Lady Bird

Christine McPherson, is in the final year of high school and what you want to study at a university far away in Sacramento, Calif., an idea rejected by its mother. Lady Bird, like a girl with a strong personality that demands to be called, don’t give up, and it takes the tv to go forward the way it is. As the time approaches, it is divided between the obligations of the student in the catholic school, the first relationship, the typical rites-of-passage into adulthood, and the numerous run-ins with the mother.

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To all the boys who loved you

Lara Jean Song Covey (Lana del Condor”) has been writing love letters in secret to all your old paqueras. One day, these letters are mysteriously sent to all of the boys about whom she writes, and turn your life upside-down.


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A teenage girl, Juno MacGuff got pregnant from the best friend, she decides to have the baby, and gives it up for adoption. Then, it chooses one of rock ‘ n ‘ roll loser, and his wife is dedicated to being the foster parent of the child.

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The perks of being invisible

A young, timid and shy, hiding in their own world, until you get to know the two brothers who help you to experience new things. Although, to be happy in this new phase, he does not forget the sorrows of the past, and they are caused by a shocking revelation.


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In the realm of the Zália – not being able to Stay Wheat

In the first book of the adventures of Luly Trigo, a princess is forced to take over the government of a country in the midst of the popular uprising, political intrigue, family conflict and the novels of breathtaking.

Piano Sonata in a punk rock Babi Dewet

Why on earth anyone would choose a job if you can get a rock band? This has always been a question of Time Gontcharov. Work as the manager of the market in the area and the tasks in the house, and the dream of living the music, I was slowly getting into the second level. Until, that is, when you find out that you have absolute pitch, and be accepted into the Academy, This Vilela, and the conservatory of music of the most famous in the country, and the girl has a chance to build a new life in the well known City of Music, the place is able to make all your dreams come true.

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Shadow and bone – Leigh Bardugo

Alina Starkov has never waited for long of life. An orphan of the war, it is not always the support of her best friend, Maly, and inconvenient crush on him. Cartógrafa of the rules of procedure of the military, on a trip that you need to make it to the Folds of the Shadows, and a range of the anomalous-of-darkness-full of fearsome predators volcras -Alina to see Maly to be attacked by the monsters, and get severely injured. Her instincts led her to shield him, when, unexpectedly, she then revealed a latent power, which I never thought he had.

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15 days ago – Vitor Martins

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Philip has been waiting for this moment ever since the school started and the start of the July holidays. Finally, it’s going to be able to spend a few days away from the school and from colleagues who mistreat you. The plans are to involve yourself in his debts to his favorite series, put it on your reading and learning from tutorials on YouTube and the things that he’s never going to put it into practice.But of all the things to run away once in a while, when the mother of Philip states that have agreed to host Fall, your neighbor, the 57’s for a long two weeks, while his parents are away.

Nothing dramatic – a Daisy For

Camilla Pinheiro, was able to spend her high school life almost unscathed, without getting caught up in the drama of teenagers. This is a huge win for her, she has always been very applied in the classroom. And you want to keep it that way, now that it is in the third year of high school to the college, the Coliseum is one of the most downloaded and sought-after of the Time. Always organized, plans for the second half boil down to a single goal: to pass the entrance exam with top marks.

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The series

Sex education

A lot of the comedy/drama a british released Series that was created by Laurie’s Surface, and tells the story of Otis, a 16-year-old, who is experiencing his or her sexuality erupting. Her mother is a sex therapist, and during the whole of his life, Otis was just listening to the therapy sessions.

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Emily Dickinson’s (Hailee Steinfeld), a young writer on the rise, it feels out of place in your own time. Full of ideas, progressive for the NINETEENTH century, in which he was born, then the poet will have to use your vast imagination to cope with all the obstacles of her family, and society put in her path.


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Sam ( Keir Gilchrist) is a young man with autism from the age of 18 years who is on a quest for their own independence. This journey, full of challenges, but one that earns a few laughs, and he and his family learn to cope with life’s challenges and discover the meaning of being a “normal person” is not as obvious as that.


Sabrina Spellman should strike a balance between its dual nature as a half-witch and half-mortal, as a struggle against the forces of evil that threaten her, her family, and the world in the light of the day in which the humans live.

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The Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) have a relationship that is so nice and her daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel), and that they are often mistaken for sisters. Among the relationships in the Series, with their parents, a new middle school, However, and in the novels and in the lives of the two, and there’s a lot of drama and a lot of fun going on.

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