Rolling Stone magazine · a total of 4 actors, who were supposed to be the character in the movie theaters and after, Henry Cavill


To keep track of the series, Robert Pattinson, with a new actor should be wearing the mantle of the Man of Steel

Ben Affleck he said the role of the Batman in the The universe, Stretched from the DC power supply (DCEU)that has been the rebuild of the character, and fix the mistakes of the past. Since then, rumors about the Henry Cavill leave it on the mantle Superman rose – and, in fact, it would be likely that the hero would be replaced, because the two actors played in three films together The man-of-Steel –, Batman vs. Superman’ and Justice league of america.

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Thus, the CinemaBlend have 4 players that would be great Superman and you could replace it Henry Cavill in a new journey Clark Kent:

Richard Madden

The actor is best known for live Robb Stark in Game Of Thronesbut there are John Reid in Rocketmanand the two roles were too much carried out with success. The scotsman is an excellent choice in which to live Supermanin the movie theaters, and even at that, he has that mix of charm, complexity, and depth that the role requires.

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Miles Teller

Miles Telles,33-year-old has already participated in the franchise Different, The Wonderful Thing Right Now and The Fantastic Four. The actor has an impressive track record, the talent, and bring something unique to the Supermanif I had the opportunity to, according to the CinemaBlend.

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Wes Bentley

As an actor a little older in the list Wes Bentley at 41 years of age. The actor has had an impressive career with roles such as Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games, So in Howeverthe Christopher Nolanand much more. With an impressive track record and an amazing performance, surely Wes Bentley would be a great Superman.

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Michael B. Jordan

MichaelB. Jordan he met with the Warner Bros. to talk to you about the Superman. The actor does not want to interpret the character immediately, because it has a couple of projects before, but we proposed several ideas to the studio executives. Jordan it is one of the best actors of our generation and has starred as a villain in the Black Pantherthe Marvel comics and it was one of the highlights of the film.

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