Rolling Stone magazine · Chris Hemsworth says that the new film in the Series has been ‘more tiring’ than the Avengers


Chris Hemsworth he revealed that the recording for the film The rescuethe Netflixthey were tedious in comparison with the production of the Marvel comicsin which he played the norse god of thunder I .

In an interview with the New New New New actor also spoke about the new partnership with the team Upcoming Deadline, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo and Sam Hargravetaking on the roles of writer, director and producer, respectively, in the production of the streaming platform.

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In spite of the films in the franchise, super-heroes were required to do many action scenes, Hemsworth he said that Hargrave it made it difficult for the level of fights in the opening game of his as a director in the movie theaters.

“The whole thing has been, by far, one of the burn-depth of what I’ve got. Sam and I worked together on the The avengers and I know that [a produção] it would have all of the talent from him, and that would be to put it on the table with the action and stunts in it, but he took it to a whole new level that I had not yet experienced”.

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He said, “You know, you have to Sam tied down on the hood of a car, soaking the buildings with you the sequence of the fight. The work of the camera has a power-to-we, as artists, that is a pure adrenaline rush. And, of exhaustion”.

Redemption tells the story of What a Rake, a soldier of fortune hired to rescue the son of a powerful criminal who wants to be free. And it is the task of searching for the young boy in Dhaka, Bangladesh has many disputes, but it is also an unexpected bond with a young boy.

The rescuehis debut on the 24th of April in the Series.

Watch the trailer The rescue: