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In addition to the productions of the ‘Captain America’, the actor has also made achievements in other jobs

The role of the Captain America, Chris Evans it became well-known internationally and has been praised for the performance as well. However, in addition to the movies USING he has also appeared in other productions of the hit.

The actor has worked with in a long, covering a variety of genres, such as comedy, and mystery – some of which are listed on the major awards. Also, if you took a risk in the report, and participated in a documentary film.

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The website ScreenRant he took the 4 of the best films of the decade in 2010 Chris Evans out of the USINGavailable for Rotten Tomatoes. Check out this list:

Scott Pilgrim versus the World (81%)

The production of 2010, shows Scott Pilgrimas interpreted by the Michael Cera (Juno), it’s a rock ‘ n ‘ roll teenager, the 23-year-old who falls in love with Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). However, in order to be with her, and the boy has to face the seven ex-boyfriends of the young man. One of the candidates? Lucas Leeas interpreted by the Evans.

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I express in the Morning (94%)

The movie of 2013 directed by Bong Joon-ho. it illustrates a future in which science experiments have done to the planet, to enter into a new ice age. The cidadães that have survived to become the crew of the train that will going around the globe. However, the transport has been divided into the following classes: to the first, is that you live comfortably and, with food in abundance; in the second, the food is rationed and there is need of submission to him.

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Between the Knives, and the Secrets of it (97%)

The film 2019 is included with the family Thrombey. Then go to her death, detective Benoit Blanc is investigating the case and trying to figure out if one of the possible heirs, he killed the family. In the film, the actor plays the grandson of Hugh “the Ransom” Drysdale.

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Superpower Dogs (100%)

A documentary directed by 2019 says Evans tells the story of four dogs that have been trained to save lives and prevent crime.

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