RZA vs. DJ Premier: the clash of the titans ‘ in the name of culture


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Before we get started, allow me a time to take stock quickly. The live stream is taking up a large percentage of the space in the daily lives of the people who still want to be connected to the supply of live from the artists favourite. By any means other than that there are the Instagram-is’, without any shadow of doubt, is the most widely used. However, you will be seeing all the time, this is a platform that has serious weaknesses, not only in the quality of the audio being transmitted, which leaves a lot to be desired, but it is also in a number of technical issues which are happening between the courts of the signal, the delay between the picture and the sound, feedback, and distortion harmonics.

That is exactly what happened in the battle between RZA and DJ Premier. A series of technical problems has stained a good portion of those first few minutes of the performance, and the rapper and producer of the Wu-Tang Clan-the disconnect and the reconnect to the system multiple times, involving multiple exits from and entrances to the scene, while the Premier is on the other side of the line, tried to hold on to your butts. The resolution is to come up with a message from the coach of the man-Gang Starr advises RZA on the use of any other type of connection as a way to get around the obstacle. Even so, the complications are kept to the end of the performance, with some of the music, and communications are picked up by the microphone does not reach the recipient, and with a few of the topics chosen do not sound like the conditions are considered to be ideal for this purpose. Do you realize that this is the way to go in the next few months if we want to still be able to see the artists live, however, there is a need to Polish a few rough edges.

Regardless of this fact, what is seen in the almost two and a half hours of action and it was a real parade of “classics”, and experiences a sort of history lesson of hip-hop culture, taught by two of the largest characters of the show. On one side, and DJ Premier, one of the two halves of Gang Starr (the other 50% is the responsibility of the Guru, who passed away in 2010), and the producer is well respected on an international level, the holder of some of the instrumental pieces, heavy, and impressive, history. On the other, separated by a screen, the RZA, the brains of the Wu-Tang Clan, the owner of an estate in the inevitable where he meets a rich repertoire of martial arts (in the video, which can be seen in the flat to his back doesn’t leave room for doubt in this respect) and spiritual well-being lovingly applied to it. Both of New York city (even though RZA is doing the broadcast from Los Angeles, california, in a house where in the states does not get out for 18 days), which turns out to be a sort of love letter to a region of the U.S. most affected by the new coronavirus.

From the point of view of a technician, this is a battle “referred” by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, the two have been throwing a number of challenges that are similar to other professional colleagues, musicians, producers, and composers) would give the edge to DJ Premier for this is to gather a repertoire of the most extensive, which includes shares with the artists of the different strata of the universe, in hip-hop, and pop in at some point, has responded to “Ain’t no Other Man” by Christina Aguilera, to respond to the slope of the best shopping of the “Gravel Pit”), but RZA, whose heritage rests mainly on his work with the warriors armed for fighting Games, it does not allow contact by the force-fed bass drum and the snare drums that are triggered from the other side of the camera. Those who have won in the midst of all of this? The spectators of this very rare and iconic event that, notwithstanding the technical barriers that stood in the way.

DJ Premier, it begins by recalling the day in which the RZA and GZA were sent to his home in Brooklyn, and he showed a cartridge with the theme “Pass the Hat”, stating that it would be in his plans to found a group called the Wu-Tang Clan. And it is precisely because of GZA and the subject of “Liquid Swords,” which RZA gives you the kick-off, which was followed by “Medley: Intro”, JAY-Z, and by the hand of the Premier, “Bring The Pain” from Method Man’s, once again, by RZA, and “Breakin’ the Rules”, in M. O. P-the return of the Premier, and so on, until the very end. All praise to the artists mentioned are not tardariam. First, JAY-Z, as it has been a major factor in the changes to the rules and norms of a culture, then, KRS-One, this with the management, the vocal is out of the ordinary, and finally to Kanye West, not only because it had been the image of the Hova, the driving force behind the transformation of the culture, but also because of his undying live for in the year in which he led the Coachella music festival.

We know that we are in front of the two monsters of the music, when you see names such as Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, NAS, Shaquille O’neal, Ludacris, T. I., Killer Mike, Christina Aguilera, shakira, and elements of Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill, and labels such as Rhymesayers among the more than 840 thousand people who took part in the audience of the digital for the fun event. “Are you IN? I do that too!”, he says the Premier, after the RZA be drawn out of a hat “Verbal Intercourse” is a song Raekwon-where you’ll also have Ghostface Killah. The response that happens to “In-Is-Like-a classic, even today, is capable of causing shivers down the spine and the hip hop music and disciple of the streets I would give you an air of grace in a “n.y. State of Mind”, “Represent”, “Tanasia” and “I Gave You Power”. JAY-Z’s former rival, which has fueled one of the disagreements on the most popular in the sphere of rap music was to be echoed in “D ‘ evils”, “Friend Or Foe” and “So Ghetto”.

There is a time to bow to each other (the Premier to congratulate RZA, the band the cult, who created you; in the opposite case when the producer of the Wu-Tang Clan-it vibrates a great impression with the form that frightens the other into the home, where you are in California, thanks to the groups, which proved to be pivotal in the trajectory of the two (EPMD, for instance, by being the first to include Gang Starr at their concert historical details are important (“Mass Appeal” was the first song from the team of the Premier and the Guru’s on the go in rotation on the radio), and dedications to the culture of hip-hop culture (“the Triumph” from the Wu-Tang Clan, it served as a tribute to the roots).

In the midst there stands a collection of assets that are superior: “Shame On a Nigga”, a classic from Ol’ Dirty Bastard; “Devil’s Pie”, a wonderful song I by D’angelo; “Method Man” is the best combination of the three chords you have ever known; “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, again, ODB’s share is a little hi, “Boom”, bomb, Royce Da 5’9” to break in the speaker; “I’ll Be There For You / You’re All I Need To Get By”, the-diva, Mary J. Blige, and Method Man; “C. R. E. A. M,” ” a painful, but real, means; Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthing ta F’ Wit”, is built to turn around the clubs in the top-down; the “Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been)”, where to meet, Rakim, NAS, KRS-One and Kanye West, and “A Better Tomorrow”, with an injection of positive energy that repesca an original, by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes-1957) (the song is also a target of the re-interpretation on the part of John Legend and The Roots).

So much history in such a short space of time. God bless you.

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