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Simply reflects the growth of the gospel music brazilian | Entertainment


Rafael Ramos 17/04/2020 12h27

Simply register the force of gospel music in Brazil Photo: Reproduction

The country is predominantly christian, in Brazil, showed an increase of 44% in the number of listeners to gospel music. By 2019, the style, the second is a music genre that recorded the highest growth rate in the country, second only to that of country music.

These numbers are a reflection of the continued growth of the evangelical protestant, the master-listener of the gospel in brazil. According to an article in the newspaper “The Guardian”, artists ‘ gospel-brazilians such as Fernanda Brum e Aline Barros-at the top of the hit parade, pop, of, Brazil, for more than a decade, and here are side-by-side
international stars such as Justin Bieber.

On Spotify, the gospel of the brazilian show is a strength, becoming more and more powerful. In the playlist, Hits and Gospel is one of the largest playlists in the christian world, as the Praise & Worship this is the greatest playlist in the world in the style of so-called to worship music. A total of 15 artists in gospel music brazilian with more than 1 million listeners monthly on its platform. They are as follows: Bruna Karla Midian to Lima, Gabriela, Rocha, Fernandinho, Aline Barros, a Black-and-White, Home-Worship, Isaiah, Wc, Kemuel, Isadora, Pompeo, Priscilla Alcantara, Ton Carfi, Luma’elpidio, the Gabriel Award, and the Ministry Document.

Played by Priscilla Alcantara e Whindersson Nunes song, Sunflower seeds, debuted recently in the top 5 of the
a playlist for the Top 50 In Brazil, which marks the debut of the most successful artists in gospel music in brazil. Prior to that, The House is yours, the hit on the House, Worship, and became the first composer in brazil to get to the playlist Viral 50 In Brazil, the
Spotify. The result shows the increased influence of the gospel, brazilian music and brazilian folk.

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