“Some days it doesn’t I comb my hair or take a bath” – the Notes – Glamurama


Kim Kardashian talks about taking care of the four children in the social / Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian is currently in quarantine at the side-of-Kanye-West-and-the-sons of the North, in the six years of the Saint, in four years, Chicago for two-and-Ps, 11-month-old. And the manager is taking the time to show it on the social networks of the day-to-day for the family. The “Refinery29”), a site of entertainment, the american Public found that taking care of four kids full-time is that you no longer have time for each other: “my hair is a mess, and I just maquiei twice this week. I’ve been feeling good these days, I feel like a completely different person,” he began. “There’s not only the glamour every time. Some days I comb my hair or take a shower. It’s a kind of a different job when you are in need of help with the kids and do their homework every day,” he said.

Kim Kardashian left her a message also to all the parents who, in some way, if culpabilizam because they do not meet all of the suggested: “Do the best you can be,” he said.