Super cute! The son of Chris Hemsworth breaks into the interview with the father, and ready on the sidelines: “you Are playing the pillows in the machine”; watch it!


But, you know, we have a mini-Thor in here?! It looks like it might! Lol only 6-years-old, Tristan, is the son of actor Chris Hemsworth, has shown he is not afraid of the camera. The little boy had a moment of super-soft Friday (the 17th), when they break into an interview with a father.

At the time, the artist is australian, and I talked for a video with radio show Triple M to promote the film, “the Redemption” of the Series. In the beginning of the chat, and Chris starts to talk about the story and all of a sudden, it seems to hold in the laughter. “It’s very unique, especially… those are my kids right there at the bottom”if he explains, before you let out a laugh.

The actor makes it a sign of silence to the small but Tristan is not a law, and logo that appears on the side of the father all cute by making faces. Chris went on with the interview, but the heirs decided to have a party. “I’m sorry, my son, you are playing the pillows in the machine. Buddy, just hang in there. You are going to take it away.”stops on the actor, while I was making the display, but without losing any of the humor.

“I’m really enjoying this interview, it’s because I’m watching you, Chris, that you can do just about anything, a star of the Hollywood, life is going pretty well, but like all of us, we just can’t keep their kids under control.”if of fun with the presenter, Luke, the author of the report at the scene.

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Those of you who understand very well the drama of Chris’s and Kim Kardashian’s. Most recently, the business has experienced the same situation when you try to write a tutorial on the make-up and to be halted several times for his daughter, North West. “I’m tucked away in a room for the visits, folks! Tucked away in a room to visit again. Why my kids won’t let me do it by myself”, vented.