The 15 looks of Juliana Paes on the soap opera ‘All Too much’ for the global economy. Pictures!!


Juliana Paes is back on TV in syndication on the soap opera “All Too much”. Taking his year’s sabbatical from the frame, she’s killing her fans and re-live the character, Carolina Castillo, and his first villain, in the range of 19. In addition to the evils which have not passed unnoticed by the general public, the director of the journal of fashion, “Carine Roitfeld,” and “Emmanuele Alt,” and became one of the greatest inspirations for style on the you can Kim Kardashian between the years of 2015 and 2016. With this in mind, the Purepeople it brought together the key trends that are used for his Special (Marina Ruy Barbosa), by seattle. Go ahead!

X-night: the most important bet of the Ju Paes in the novel

As a Carolina Castillo, Julia Paes first appeared in each chapter is very in style and is a trend that is different. In the work environment, the character of ornava, sophistication with a touch of modernity, such as blouses with stand-up collar, a skirt, the midi that is fair, and the waist marked with a belt buckle in thick. Without losing the posture of a woman, the executive, the walk-in-closet on the top it also had pieces with cut-outs sexy in the back, necklines, deep and heels for a special occasion. During the day, sunglasses, and accessories are delicate they were and their true allies, while on the part of the night, Ju-allowed-current, and allying itself with the latter to make up the most loaded, with the red lipstick.

Looks in monochrome and cool tones are in the highlights

In the “All Other”, Julia Paes appears in most of the times, that is produced by the pieces in the pastel and darker. Their costumes, inspired by the female empowered show it with flying colors. “It is not at all unusual. Has the sensual, the natural, and the clothes reflect that. Use classic tones and smooth,” he said of the costume designer Speckyboy Gill at that time.

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The hair with a polished pony tail and more!!!

Going through a transition, capillary tube, Juliana Paes no longer has any hair, and superalinhado as for Carolina Castillo. The character spends in the demo that makes your hair more sleek, as in the letter to the central set, and the tail of a horse superalto. Now, it’s famous for is back to its natural look, with tight curls, and far away from all the chemicals. “I’ve always had curly hair, but at the time of the ‘Wholly Other’ I had to straighten the front part of the hair and I’ve spent a lot of time with the hair – – mixed: curly in the back and straight in the front. It is a process that’s long, back-breaking and time-consuming, but very rewarding. The result of this is that you’re looking at,” said the @pravcarrasar.

(For Rahabe Barros)