The audience. ‘Earth’s Wild’ hits a new record high for annual


The Earth, Wildthe novel, starring Mariana Monteiroagain to beat the record of the hearing. That appears after you have Nazareth, “going back to the roots” he won a million and 412 thousand viewers.

The history of the rural was again to beat your own top score in the year 2020. The novel, written by Inês Gomes he won a 14.9% increase from the average audience, and 28,1% of the sharescoring at almost twice the amount of the TV at the time of. At the moment, The Earth, Wild he managed to register 16.5% of the rating and 30.0% of the sharemarking with a difference of 7.0% of the rating the TV in the same ten minutes or so.

The competition is direct On A Tightrope, made up of the results compared to the previous day, gaining 8.1% over the average audience, and 16.1 percent to share. In the novel Rui Vilhena it has achieved the best results in the class D, e, and, when it reaches 20% of the share. It was in those same classes, who have less access to pay-tv, which was on the SIC had the best results.

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