The film by Angelina Jolie will be the controversial novel by Marvel


Kit Harington and Gemma Chan are going to get all The Above in the role of the Dark Knight, and the immortal Sersi; the film, in the Marvel comics, it also includes Angelina Jolie as a powerful warrior.

With the introduction of new characters in the MCU, you can bring it to the big screen, one of the stories in love is the most strange, thrilling, and tragic in the world of comic books.

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Learn more about the core relationship of the Black Knight and Sersi below.

There are more than 1,000 years ago, in the time-line of the Marvel comics, the Dark Knight is a character in the most interesting of the Sort. Dane Whitman, the incarnation, the series will be adapted for the MCU, and is the heir to an unbroken lineage of warriors that stretches back to the days of King Arthur. The hero possesses a Sword, the Ebony blade with a magical mystical properties, and the effect terrible to the health and safety of the individual.

Eventually, the Black Knight was the leader of one of the versions of the Avengers, and during the removal of the ‘Captain America’.

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To the family, Heck He can even have a lineage of hundreds of years, but Sersi is a much older and more powerful. She is a member of the Eternals, a race of ancient beings, super-humans created by the Celestial.

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Unlike the rest of the people, Sersi, develops a deep love for all of humanity, and it is located in the Land of his home. With a life-time almost limitless, and she has lived among humans for a large part of the history of the world.

In the days of the most recent, she teamed up again in the Eternal battle against the Deviantes. In the 90’s, Sersi joined the Avengers.

By working together in the Avengers, Sersi and Dane Whitman have fallen in love and began a romantic relationship. Shortly after that, the Eternal came under attack by the Convenience of a mysterious madman on a quest for revenge against the character.

The couple tried to fight back against the influence of the villain, but nothing has worked. Even with the efforts of the Eternal Ikaris in order to unite the strength of the characters came out for the trip. Eventually, the Convenience it was revealed to be a version of Black Knight from an alternate universe. Mad Sersi and dying by the Sword from Her, and he wanted to kill all the versions of the character in all of Dbz.

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After a long fight, Sersi was forced to kill mrs. Proctor, with her own version of the Sword in the Back. Suffering from a crisis in the relationship, which is compounded by the attraction of the hell by the Inhuman, Crystal, and the couple decides to leave the world of Marvel comics, and they embark on a journey through the dimensions.

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Eventually, the two of them return to the world of comic books, and even the union was formed by Ikaris is broken. Sersi and Dane Whitman are separated, and each one has its life in the Photo.

After the events of the Upcoming Deadline, most of the stories in romance of the MCU are complete. Now, the film has a mission to bring in new relationships and interest, and the public loves it “shippar”, the characters of the Marvel universe.

The relationship between Dane Whitman and Sersi is sure to be a major part of The Prey. For the love of the two, had been a tragic one, since the character is basically immortal, when compared to the hero Kit Harington.

The relationship of the character with a Sword, She can also bring out a darker side to their relationship, and even in the event that Proctor’s could appear in the story. It The Eternal, one can address this question.

Those who will always be the premiere on the 11th of February 2021.