The House of the Paper’s 18 fun facts about the series in the moment


The fourth season of the show The House of Paper he made his debut on the last day of the 3rd of April, and many fans have already seen all the episodes and all. It is now, with a few interesting facts about the global phenomenon as it does not reach the fifth part of the story in Spanish.

The name of the series was to have been

I knew that the House of the Paper is the first of the name to come up, so the project is in Spanish? The series was supposed to have called Them Desahuciados, which in Portuguese stands for The System. All of the members of the team, which was formed by the The teacherthey have left their lives, in part, to focus exclusively on the bold, the plan of the mentor.

The mint is not a mint

Yes, you read right. To the front of the building, which comes in the form of the first two seasons of the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre – Real Casa de la Moneda, once the production had permission to write there. It is the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), where the recordings took place at the end of the week.

Bella Ciao

The Italian song ” Bella Ciao has been around for many years to come. Even though it is already well-known before, has been closely linked to the House of the Role to be sung in the key moment of the story.

Bella Ciao is a symbol of the strength of the Italian against fascism during the Second World War. It is said to have emerged yet in the late 19th century, and that it was done by the women workers, seasonal workers, who flocked from their villages to work in the field.

This is the reason why the group will be led by the Teacher, he says, several times, that is, the “resistance”.

The names of the towns and cities

Each of the burglar has been assigned, the name of a city, they can’t use their “true” names. However, did you know that the characters in Oslo, Moscow and Nairobi they were to call it Valencia, Cameroon and The Chernobyl disasterrespectively, in the first version of this series? But they are in the same part of the story, in the names of the plans are put into practice in the course of the robbery. Also, in the bar, where the inspector Rachelthat is now to be Lisbonand the Teacher is the only character in the group that doesn’t have the name of a city, and if you had known you have the name of a city, One.

Tokyo: for the first name you’ve chosen

Death Córbero interpret Silene De Oliveirathe more well-known for Tokyo. I knew that this was the first one to be picked? The director Jesus Colménar it showed in the film The House of Paper: the El Phenomenonthat he saw the name of the japanese capital, in a T-shirt from the creator of the series, and the Alex Pinaand he thought: “there Must be a name from the past. From there, you set all the other names of cities and towns in 15 minutes.

And speaking of in character…

In the first two parts of the story, or is ordered with the hair, the neck and the fringe. This look was inspired by the character of the Natalie Portman in The Professionalin 1994, he was called Mathilda. In the film, she plays a young woman who becomes a secured is a professional assassin and that he wants to take revenge for the death of the family.

Of money, a lot of money!!!

One of the elements that one sees in the first two seasons of the series, it’s the money, such as notes. It will be recalled that in the second round of the group that wants to steal the gold from the National Reserves in spain.

Of course, what we see is not real money, although you look like. Have been used in the printer of the newspaper in Spanish ABC and the role of the newspaper in order to make the notes of the dummy.

The red around the side

You might have noticed that red is the color that is predominant in the series, right? He was the director of photography for the project Migue Amoedothat was the idea, since this is the color that suggests a greater intensity of feelings conveyed in this film. In addition to the red to being in the present in the light and in the suit of the robbers, we can also observe it on other objects in the frame, such as over the telephone, they are frequently used by the characters, and in the old car, which has been sent to the scrap yard.

1.No episode of… the 52 different versions of

Did you know that the 1.Th episode of the first season of House of Paper that he had more than 50 versions? In total, there were 52. It is said that some of them had nothing to do with what was in the air.

5 hours for a scene to be perfect

Speaking of the first episode, in the scene in Tokyo is dealt with by the Teacher on the street and it took five hours to get perfect, but it is on a fast track. It will be recalled that the show takes around eight months until they are ready to go.

In Portugal is present in the range of “nuestros hermanos”

As we said before, Rachel Murillo, the inspector of police, who falls in love with a Teacher, and who happens to be a part of a group, has chosen new york as the name of the code. However, it is not only that the Uk is “mentioned”.

In the fifth episode of the first season, it starts with a Portuguese fado, sung by the Piedade Fernandes,. Is called the Fado Is Famous and it was to dub the scenes in a great tension.

When the group escapes Spain, and after the first round, he navigates through the waters of the Portuguese, and the name of our Country, it is repeatedly referred to throughout the story.

The disease in Berlin, there is no

In the course of the first season, we found that Berlinas interpreted by the Pedro Alonsois suffering from a degenerative disease (and even to be short-lived), called the muscular dystrophy of the Helmer. On the other hand, the disease does not exist in reality, it looks like one of the symptoms of the mitochondrial myopathy, a genetic disorder that causes progressive loss of muscle strength.

Berlin, and the Teacher are brothers and sisters. You know where you came up with this idea

Berlin, and the Teacher are brothers and sisters. But this idea did not come from the creator of the series. They were the actors themselves, Pedro Alonso and Alvaro’s Deaththat have suggested. The complicity between the two, has not left anyone indifferent, and out of the screen, and the performers are very good friends.

The members of the team come into the series

The director Alejandro Bazzano he made a brief foray. It was the doctor who was going to operate the Hotel. Already, the assistant director Daniel Higueras it was one of the players in the court of the police in the first two seasons as a starter.

Episodes of saved by the order and with a lot of surprises in the mix

The episodes have all been written by order of, and no one seemed to know what was going to happen. The actors only get the scripts for each episode, and when they were on the sets of the film. That is, no one really knew what was going to happen to the main characters.

The mile-high Denver, and his laugh is characteristic

The laughter as a characteristic (and annoying, from time to time) of the Denver it was thought out well in advance of production to select Jaime Lorente so in the paper. In the castings for the paper, in the script it said only, “laughed the despicable,” and that each actor had their own interpretation of it.

In the miniseries, the world-wide success

Initially, the House of Paper, it was supposed to be a mini-series, only 15 episodes. It was only much later that it was picked up by Netflix. The broadcaster has been in the Antena 3 Televisión, and it was the first most successful outside of Spain.

All of the characters were supposed to be dead

I knew all of the characters were going to die after the theft of history? The original idea was that all the characters have to suffer a terminal illness, such as Berlin, which led them to accept, without a moment’s hesitation, the proposal of the Teacher.

Text: Ivan Smith; Photos: reproduction in Instagram

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