The new film tried to do with the kids


The best spy in the world, is a scientist with a beginner full of ideas. And it turns into a pigeon! The adventure, A Spy, an Animal,” which was in theaters at the end of January, to arrive on the 22nd of April Now.

And you have a lot more fun for the kids on the streaming service throughout the month. Avatar, pets, cute, elves, and other magical creatures, dolls, and even the ninjas are coming in to ensure the thrill and excitement.

In A “spy

In A “spy ” an animal”, as an agent you will need the help of a scientist, the rookie (Photo: Handout)

Starting this Thursday (the 16th), in the Series, “Stuart Little 2” takes you to the nice little mouse in a quest for an ancient family. Even there, on a Friday, arrive at “the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: the Roberts Destroyed”, “Thomas, All paths Lead to Rome, and the Mines of Mystery,” and a “4-Against the Apocalypse: Book 2 of”. The day of 22, I have the animated movie “The Brothers of the Book”, which was produced by his own streaming service.

Among the latest innovations that are already available, especially for the animated series “Rocketeer”, featuring a young girl who becomes the heroine, with the help of a booster rocket, from Monday to Friday, on Disney Junior.

In the Now, it is possible to rent the “Two Brothers”: A Fantastic Journey,” the adventure of the two elves that are trying to revive your father, and to rediscover the magic in the world.

Amazon Prime has released all of its children’s contents, to non-subscribers. It is the amazing story of Tiana, a beautiful girl who kisses a frog who claims to be a prince and turns into a sapinha, in “the Princess and the Frog”.


“Stuart Little 2”

In this sequel to the successful 1999 and, at the same time need to join forces in order to rescue a valuable piece of antiquity of the family, which is no longer with the passarinha Margalo, his new friend. From tomorrow on Netflix.

“Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventure: Roberts And Destroyed”

The Roberts family is going to Costa Rica to investigate the legend of a mermaid. Barbie started working at a golf course operated by a professional will be dishonest. The 17th in the Series.

“Thomas, All paths Lead to Rome, and the Mines of Mystery”

The 23rd season of the show brings you the main character in his journey through Italy. Among the hidden treasures and historic sites, he will embark on a journey back to an ancient legend. But, of course, the challenges on the way there are plenty!. The 17th in the Series

4 a, Against the Apocalypse: Book 2 the”

He is an orphan boy of 13 years old who turns in between the high school and video games. When your town is overrun by zombies, and the pre-teen to join her friends in order to survive in the apocalypse-to contain the critters. The 17th in the Series.

A “Spy ” An Animal”

Lance Sterling (voiced by Will Smith/Lázaro Ramos is the best spy in the world. Stylish, eye-catching and sophisticated, he is convinced by the inventor Walter, Beccket (voiced by Tom Holland) to make a potion that will make you “invisible” to the enemy. However, he ends up being turned into a bird. In the face of the unexpected event, he will have to join with a young, smart, however with very little social skills, in order to save the day. 22, in the Now.

“The Brothers of the Book” is a new animation, which was produced by Netflix (Picture: Handout)

“The Brothers of the Book” is a new animation, which was produced by Netflix (Picture: Handout)

“The Brothers Of The Book”

In the animated feature film of the Series follows the adventures of the brothers in the Book, kids, peculiar, and with their parents over strangers. Tired of the two of them, they set up a plan that well, awful, and a good one to try and get rid of the mother and the father. The confusion on the right, of course. The 22nd in the Series.

“Hey, Ninja: Season 2”

The best of friends, Maria and Georgie becomes small, the ninjas all of the days in to save the day. A fight with a suit that is different! The 24th in the Series.


A girl with super powers, her friend, and a pedal to form a trio, and unbeatable when it comes to protecting the city. Zoey leads a normal life, but he is ready to become the super-heroine’s StarBeam, when the bad guys show up. Now available on Netflix.

“The Spirit – Riding the Free-Academy of Riding”

Lucky is the best friend of the horse (Spirit) and his gang left the city to your home in Miradero, to live in the prestigious Academy of Riding along it manifests. Is it possible that the girls are going to withstand the training?. Now available on Netflix.


Kit is a young girl who receives a surprise on her birthday, a package which shows that it is a next-Rocketeer, the rank of a legendary super hero who flies with the aid of a rocket. Now, with your friend, Tesh, his grandfather, Ambrose and his dog’s Bucth, she stands up for her town, and to solve problems. Now available on Disney Junior from Monday to Friday.

“Two Brothers on A Journey to the Magical,” points out the importance of the family (Photo: Handout)

“Two Brothers on A Journey to the Magical,” points out the importance of the family (Photo: Handout)

“The Two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey”

The two brothers of the elves, the teens who go on an extraordinary mission to find her father and figuring out if there is still magic in the world. Now available in Now.

“The Princess and the Frog”

Since I was a child, Tiana’s dream of owning a restaurant of their own. To get the necessary money so that you can finally rent a real estate property of your dreams, she accepts to work on a party held by Charlotte LaBouff, his childhood friend.

It is when you see a frog proclaiming to be a prince, and asks for Tacitus to give you a kiss. Tiana agrees, and, surprisingly, he turns into a frog. Now available on Amazon Prime.

“A True Friendship”

Finn is a young boy of 12 years who is constantly bullied at school. However, his life begins to change the day he encounters a labrador retriever named Marshall, who is living in appalling conditions and in need of medical care. The bond of friendship between the two of you at once. Now available on Amazon Prime.