The new series, Sophie Turner, discusses suicide; and it is deemed irresponsible


There is a little more than 3 years, the number “13 Reasons Why” I arrived to a Series full of conflict and youth, there is an intense scene of a suicide, which was the subject of a heated debate at the time. And with that, the series ended up asking questions that were previously standardised.

Some of the mistakes made in 13 Reasons Why is being repeated in the “Another century’s episode” the platform is Quibi a streaming service, launched at the beginning of the month. You focused on short videos, with a series of 10-minute-per-episode of the Quibi can only be accessed by a mobile device.

Based on the book, “Survive”, a Alex Morelthe series tells the story of the young Jane in the Halls”, performed by Sophie Turner it is Enabled in “Game of Thrones”. Jane is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal urges. The series was shown in the speeches of the character of the subject, as well as having flashes of that moment when she tries to commit suicide.

In spite of the warning of the scenes that some people may find disturbing, including that of mental illness, and suicidal thoughts,” the series is being called irresponsible.

In the story, Jane and Paul,Corey Hawkinsare the only passenger who survived the crash of an aircraft in an extremely remote. In doing so, they need to come together in order to survive. In the midst of the drama of the accident, the images of the past, Jane is shown to the public.

Condemned by the critics of the film

On the platform Rotten Tomatoesthat brings together the opinions of film critics and the general public, a series of divided opinions, and has the approval of 47% on the part of the critic.

But that hasn’t stopped the sex pistols. Emily, Todd VanDerWerff wrote at the web site Start “it is one of a series of the most irresponsible that I’ve ever seen”. Brian Lowry, of the NOWhe wrote: “by far, is the worst in the series, the book of Quibi,” and even as the platform itself.

The reviews were mostly by the way in which the series is to show the details of a tender, as it cuts into the skin of Jane’s, for example). Kathryn VanArendonk of the Volturealso wrote about it. “Honestly, I don’t know what’s more frustrating: a reckless, suicidal ideation, or for the pedants of the scenes from the flashback.

What do the experts say

According to the WHOit is necessary to avoid describing the detail of the suicide. In the case of the “13 Reasons Why”, a scene which shows a suicide of Hannah Baker, this is entirely contra-indicated by the world health organization. By the time the series was discontinued, and the CVV (Center of Valuation of the Life), have reported that their contacts have increased.

In addition to this, the world health organization also guides you on your handbook on the prevention of suicide there is a plan for the mass media. ” To ask the media not to glorify him, embelezem, it is the death, in order to prevent the possibility of suicide by contagion”.

The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Mary Frances Mauro he explains that “the risk associated with discussing suicide in the media, or through, the performance is the result of a behavior of the transmission, in which the people who are the most vulnerable at an emotional level, identifying with the characters, and they try to kill you”.

In addition to the guidelines of the WHO, Mary says, that it is necessary for there to be extra careful with regards to the age bracket of those who can attend to the content, and that, in fact, it is important to take warnings about the scenes that may cause discomfort in the people who are most vulnerable.

I didn’t realize you with the details of the scenes that you can create in a person the actual construction of the road to kill you, but more of an implication or suggestion that does not strengthen one of these images on viewers,” he says.

Mary’s Mother reinforces the caution that the media should have to deal with the matter, and he says that it is necessary to inform you of the channels that people can use it as a way to help. “In some cases, a person reaches a threshold of suffering or exhaustion of the psyche, which believes that the pain is so deep you can get relief only by death. Also, according to the person’s symptoms, she may believe that the content is a signal to terminate one’s own life. So, if you produce this content and these developments must be considered”.

Mary’s Mother also noted that, in spite of the criticism, by the way, that the “Models” discussed problems, there have been a few measures of caution are necessary to the content. “At the beginning of the 4 chapters, around this content, there’s a warning for people who have a few tables suffering the emotional be aware that you are going to feel it, and at the end of chapters to mark the beginning of a channel to help people that have suicidal thoughts”.

When you see the first few chapters of the series, the psychiatrist noted that, in addition to the precautions mentioned above, there has been an optimistic view regarding the state of Jane’s. “I have noticed that they make more mention of using the game of the scene, it is not necessarily showing you the character’s cutting themselves, and being more in the nature of a suggestion,” says Mary Frances.

“I also found it interesting that they put the suffering of the character, based on his internal struggle, in a very intense way, able to express a lot of certainty that if you kill it you can be out.”

When the incident on the plane-it happens at exactly the same moment in which she attempts to counter his own life, he begins a fight which she never would have thought to tackle: the question of survival. “What I realized in this was that some of the patients after the attempts at serious risk of suicide, when they survive, have to go through a re-signification of life. In such a way that the series might also be up for this perceived fight for survival”.

Mary Frances says that it doesn’t get much more lightweight approach to commit suicide by an attack on the values of life, “but ” must be constructed in such a way as to cause the information to which the person is to watch or read it to realize that you are not alone,” he says. “There is a need to talk about your life, but you are able to deal with the issue without the boost or wake up to this as an outlet for the emotional distress”.

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