The organization for the protection of animals, wants Me to turn vegan in your next video


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The version of gorducha of I presented at the Upcoming Deadline, what came to be known as the “I d I”called to the attention of the fans, they want to know if it is the god of thunder, will keep this look in her bedroom movie Me: Love and Thunder. But it’s not just the fans who were interested in it.

After the director of the Taika Waititi he stated that “I d I” will not go on to the next adventure, the PETAorganization the radical and fighting for the rights of animals, I had the following idea: to ask the main character to lose her weight and is back to her normal body after having adopted a life-style veganthat is, it is not to eat anything related to animals.

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According to the organization, the Marvel comics you could take advantage of the fact that the actor Chris Hemsworth it’s a vegan in real life, and then extend it to a character. Interestingly enough, the other actors, who live the heroes of the house of ideas in the film, such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Natalie Portmanalso follow the vegan lifestyle, and might help to change the character.

The charter of the PETA addressed to the Taika Waititi it reads as follows:

“Dear Taika,

We understand that you have a problem with weight in your hands, and PETA is here to help you. As we all remember, I gained a few more pounds on Upcoming Deadlineso, the question is consuming all the fans of the Marvel comics of the nine realms, just like our god of thunder has preferred to return to his body and sculpted it in his next movie Me: Love and Thunder. We strongly suggest that you follow the example of himself, Chris Hemsworth, and to explore what would happen if I were to try to become a vegan.”

Ironically, it has a Thor, a vegan in the cinemas, he would not go against the character of the Marvel comicsversion The Ultimate the character in the show, as an activist, and green the edge of the ecoterrorismo, and even though it was never made clear that it would be a vegan, it is not difficult to assume that it would have adopted this way of life. Therefore, it would count as a reference to the comic book.

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