The Tiger King. A lot more than just a number on the tigers


At this point, it’s possible that something in it will become more viral than the covid-19? The actress and presenter on south african Trevor Noah has the answer: “the Tiger King.

The series is a documentary of the Series, created by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin has already won the hearts of millions of people all over the world who want to follow the cam, Joe Exotic, who autodescreve as “a gay, redneck, lover of big cats and without cats, large sized.

For those who have been sleeping under a rock and haven’t heard of the series, here are a few pointers to sharpen up your appetite. Baptized by Joseph Allen Schreibvogel Joe Exotic has changed in the meantime in the name of Joseph Allen Maldonado Passage, after the wedding, the three of them with two other men (something which is legally questionable), he founded a zoo and the private sector to show its big cats and has started a career as a musician in the country. After the first of the series, to the song Here, Here, Here-Kitty-Kitty, which is dedicated to one of the competitors (there’s no will), as can be heard on YouTube by over 6 million people. Joe Exotic has come to run for President of the United States of America in 2016, and has been arrested for ordering the murder of Carole Baskin (the owner of a sanctuary for tigers, and, yes, that is the challenge that we talked about).

But it is not for us to become right here with regard to this character. Carole, that you may or may not have been involved in the murder of her ex-husband, the questions raised in the course of the series), tries throughout the episode to show how the sanctuary for animals, is a more legitimate and secure than those of the other staff – for example, the one of Doc Antle, the handler of the ltte, which, at the same time, it is the leader of a cult in which they participate and the number of women who work at the zoo, and with whom you share a relationship is polygamous.

If the player feels his head spinning with so much information, believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Tiger, King, who, according to the Nielsen Ratings system to measure audiences, was considered by the 34.3 million people in the first ten days it was available online, the audiences have been boosted due to the insulation required in the face of the pandemic), and is currently the second most watched in Portugal, only surpassed by the Stranger’s Things, it is one of the most successful in the Series, and his influence is already making itself felt in the pop culture section of this year’s the year 2020.

The forgiveness of Trump to the new content Last week, during an interview, a journalist asked the President of the united states, Donald Trump, whether he would consider granting a presidential pardon to Joe Exotic, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison. The President replied, “I’m going to study the case.”

In spite of the playful tone, and this is the best example of this to look at the influence that the Tiger King is to be achieved. However, on a site of complaints there is a so-called “Donald Trump: the Free, The Tiger King, which has more than 50 thousand signatures.

The success of the series, to be considered by the site, Adweek, as the first major success of the period of the quarantine, obviously, is not passed over to the side of the Sign, which has already released an episode of extra. It arrived on Tuesday at the streaming platform, and, in spite of the (pressing) and 40 minutes in length and is based solely on interviews carried out via video chat (children of the covid-19) by comedian Joel McHale, the various ex-employees, such as Joe Exotic, we have the know-how of the people you were working with Joe is to live after the incarceration of the former owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, and the launch of the series. In the meantime, we are still left with a lot of new stories to tell.

Rick’s old enough to be baptized, tv producer responsible for the recording of the television program, such as Joe Exotic, (which were eventually destroyed in a mysterious fire), to tell a story that you wanted to put one more nail in the possible innocence of the Island. “A woman was in the park at Joe with tears streaming down her face. He asked me to record it with my camera. The woman asked him to take care of his horse, that he was sick and old. He accepted it,” said Rick, who is now living in Norway, it is the local level as far as possible, that you had to live far from the zoo”.

“As soon as the woman turned her back, he took out his revolver and shot himself in the horse. “I’m not here to take care of the animals, no man. Now, this horse is going to serve the food to the tigers’”.

In spite of the crimes and cruelty inflicted by Joe, the animals and the thirst for finding out and drink more than their magnetic personality, have made them to be announced and further projects with a focus on his strange but endearing world.
The studios at the television of the Universal Content and Productions are developing a second season based on the podcast, Over My Dead Body, which premiered in August of last year, and the world in a more intimate way in the game. The actress and comedian, Kate McKinnon is confirmed to play the role of Carole Baskin.

The tv channel Investigation Discovery will debut on the 6th of April, a series of the Investigating-The-Strange-World-of-Joe Exotic, one that seeks to delve into the crimes committed by the Island. The web site Deadline announced this past week that Ryan Murphy, the producer responsible for shows such as American Horror Story, Glee, and American Crime Story, is in talks to produce a tv series or a movie for the Series. Actor Rob Lowe will be wearing the boots (or the lock that you use on your penis, to symbolize the death of the husband), Joe Exotic.

The bizarria the series was also parodied by countless comedians who have found this story more strange than the fiction material is more than sufficient for many far – from Saturday Night Live, the talk show circuit as described above, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, While Out With David Spade, the episode is an extra, if you worked with a number of interviews with the stuff of amateur ex-members of the team, such as Joe Exotic, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But the success didn’t stop there: a series of topics, the most viral on Twitter, or TikTok, where the scenes of the most iconic, have been parodiadas in a lot of videos and made the subject of countless memes.

In spite of being in prison and not be able to take advantage of the fame you could ever wish to have, the world has become a hangover for most of the Joe Exotic. As the say, “people don’t come to [ao meu zoo] for the sake of the tigers, they come to see me”.