Tip Maratonar | get to Know a certain amount of the movies from “The Terminator”


We can’t wait to series you can watch all of the movies of this saga, and the classic: The Set up of the Futuro.

I remember the first movie that I watched when I was a child, and it died of fear, to see that’s the robot I was frightened of… Now, I love that movie with the robot! That is, I watched it all over again, only with more intensity.

Currently, there are 6 the movies that are part of the package, which tells the story of the war human-to-human and machine, that the human race has created, and if you came up against them, or in other words, when the ai realized that the solution to the problems created on this planet was because of all the disasters that are the result of the actions of human beings, and decided that we would all be extinct in the beginning of the war.

In the meantime, do androids sent from the future to kill himself and save the people that were essential to the salvation of the human race, and in the midst of the war, and many of the fight scenes and action, and for those who like that kind of movie. Some of the scenes may seem forced, but it is the magic of the film is that it is not the same? Does not have to be a real prospect.

Not to mention the performances, copies of which have earned them a lot of success for the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamiltonamong the other actors are exceptional, as the preferred Emilia Clarke it is also part of the cast in the fifth film: Genesis.

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Where to watch:

The last film was released in the cinema last year, is now available for you to watch your home, however, not all of us are on the same network streaming. In the first video, you can rent it to watch at YouTube for only$ 6,90. The second film is much more difficult to find that kind of service, however, it is possible to buy the DVD over the internet or an application on the In The Free Market. For anyone who is a client of HTTP:/ / of Course,the films 3 and 6 are available in the NOW. For the most part, you will find a version Subtitled. In the In The Free Market you are able to find versions to buy and voice-acting.

See below for the trailer, and the order of the video:

Movie 1: The Terminator (1984)

Film 2: Terminator 2 – Judgment

The film, the 3: Terminator 3 – Rebellion of the Machines

The movie 4: The Terminator – Salvation

Movie 5: The Terminator – Genesis

The movie 6. Terminator – Fate Bleak

Dubbed or Subtitled, either way, if you like classic films, and is a participant in the marathon of the moviesdefinitely the Set in the Future you have to be on your list.
In the end, take advantage of this and the quarantine is set to trigger a bit it stops and the sound of the TV in the last volume, after all, a good film and deserves to be heard in a good saga! Up to the next level.

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