Ultimate, Marvel has revealed the truth about the Man in the Iron


A reference to the Upcoming Deadline also confirms that Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) it is at the heart of the team. Up until now, the biggest movie of the Marvel, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, with a screenplay written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the battle for three hours, he has also served as the final adventure for some of the founding heroes of the MCU, including the first one.

Five years after the end of the Avengers: Infinite War, Tony retires to live a quiet life with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and his daughter Morgan. It has to be adapted, however, for the purpose of participating in the Robbery at the Time to bring it back to all of those who have died in the attack of Thanos (Josh Brolin).

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They will meet with success in his mission, but Tony, you must make sure that the Him Mad and her child pose more of a threat to the world. Holding on to the power of all six Gems in the Infinity, and Tony takes off His, and all the servants of our existence, even though they know it will kill them.

In the MCU right now will go on without Tony, but it’s a reference to the Upcoming Deadline confirms that he has always been at the heart of the Avengers. Shared by the Twitter account of Marvel comics, the two images indicates that when the team gets together prior to entering into the Realm of the Quantum, the placement of his hands on the portal, if it looks like the reactor is the arc of Iron Man, though Tony has a heart to it, as you can see below, at the end of the story.

Avengers: Ultimate has done a great job at the end of more than a decade of history in the MCU. Film-makers have delivered many excellent references, such as a gift to the people of the long-standing franchise.

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At the top of the narrative is wide-ranging Saga of the Endless, the brothers Russo also gave a great deal of attention to the details of the group arcs for some of the new ones to the MCU. They have come to an end-a controversial into the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), but that combined with the end of ‘Captain America’ (Chris Evans) and Iron Man, and that it was essential to make sure that all the fans were happy.

Essentially, as the story of Tony, who ended up tragically, there is poetry in its journey through the universe, starting out as a manufacturer of selfish for a hero, selfless. This is potentially one of the arcs of the characters, the most well-run in the theater of super-heroes.

Tony Stark was not a hero, definitely. It was the actions be questioned, and a problematic past.

He wasn’t worthy of the Mjolnir Captain America, and Thor (Chris Hemsworth), but it became more and more aware of their environment and, after her captivity in the “Iron Man”, all his actions are rooted in the protection of the people. Out of his suit from the “Iron Man”, and he also took care of his fellow Avengers in a different way by providing them with a space in the main house.

It’s sad to think that Iron Man is never going to come back after the Upcoming Deadline, but in the world of the MCU, it will continue to thrive, thanks to their sacrifice. It is also worth noting that his legacy will live on with Spider-Man, and, potentially, to Away, and if Marvel do decide to debut it as a super-hero.

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The reference was moved to the fans that, nearly a year after the movie, it reminded us once again of the sacrifice of the “Iron Man”, for the defeat of Thanos in Avengers: Ultimatum.

“Right now, I’m crying at 3 in the morning,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

“Oh my gosh, don’t do that,” said the other, accompanying it with the caption with an emoji of a crying.

A third fan replied to the tweet from Marvel comics, with a gif of Captain America saying “I understood”as the reference.

“Well, it just hurts even more to my heart,” said the other.