Warner Channel shows, five films by Adam Sandler on the following Sunday


The Warner Channel shows on Sunday (the 19th), the special “A day out with Adam Sandler”a marathon of the five films that star one of the actors, the comedy, the most famous in the cinema for almost three decades. From 12 noon, the public will be able to see the titles that made the actor one of leading actors of the present day.

On the side of the Drew Berrymorein “Tuned to Love”or Jennifer Anistonin “The wife of make-believe”Adam Sandler is a well-known, not only in the field of it, in and of itself, but also in those which are of a good novel. Launched in 2004, the long “As if you Were in the First place.” it brings Barrymore in the cast, and it is one of the most famous of the artists.

In “Zohan: The Agent is Good at Cutting and The “Click” the plots are very different, but even so, guarantee moments of great fun for the audience. Check out the schedule and synopsis:

12h20 | fine-Tuned in Love

Robbie Hart is a composer, frustrated that she sang in weddings. One night, he meets Julia, a charming waitress who did an excellent job on his first day on the job. The two of them are in the wedding, checked in, but the destination will bring a surprise to the romantic feel. Linda, the bride, to Know, left us at the altar, and Julia finds out that her boyfriend is being unfaithful.

14: 15 | the Click

And if you have a universal remote control that controlled your universe?” This is the premise of this comedy, in which Adam Sandler interprets it, ” Michael Newman, a workaholic who searches for a well-deserved promotion, and wish to minimize the time spent on “distractions,” such as his wife’s (Kate Beckinsale) and sons. Thus, when an eccentric salesman (Christopher Walken) gives a control of the magic, Michael, do you think that your problem is solved. But, as long as it decreases on the volume, it speeds up and skips parts of the facts are annoying to her life, and the control starts to control you.

16h20 | Zohan: The Agent is Good at Cutting

Zohan Dvir works as a special agent and lives with his orthodox parents in Israel. His desire is to let go of part of her daily encounters with hazardous for the palestinians. Until, that is, while holding a pro-independence activist known simply as the Phantom, he fakes his own death and hides out in the apartment for a dog on a plane, heading to New York city. In the city, Zohan decides to try his luck as a hairdresser. In the beginning, you don’t want to use it, but when he offers to work for free, Dahlia hires him as a janitor. A hairdresser called Debbie drops, and Zohan’s stead, and won the hearts of a clientele that is aging. He falls in love with Dahlia, but before he could ask her the question, and the owner of the apartment where she lives, hire a bunch of skinheads to terrorize the neighborhood, creating friction between the jews, the muslims, the arabs and the palestinians. The intention of the man is cast out, to build a new building, with a roller-coaster ride to the top.

18h25 | As if it Were the First Time

Henry is a veterinarian paquerador, who lives on the big island of Hawaii. He loves to be involved with the young women who will be there, passing through, passing through on holiday. Until he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore), with whom he falls in love with it immediately. The two talking to each other, having fun, exchanging glances… and then they meet again the next morning. Then, the unexpected happens: at the time of the long-awaited reunion, and Lucy just can’t seem to ever have been well known to Henry. The problem is that the girl is the carrier of a syndrome, and does not retain the memory of recent events, and if you really, Henry, you want to date Lucy, he will have to retake it, day after day, for the rest of their lives.

20h15 | the Wife of make-believe

Danny, a successful plastic surgeon, you want to have a serious relationship, but the mind is constantly win in the women’s. To address the shortfall, he gets involved with women, there is no commitment until the day he meets the woman of his life. Be willing to get married to her, Danny’s steps on the ball, when, in order to conquer it, invent it, is the husband of her best friend, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), a single mother with a couple of kids, and it’s going to break up. Thus began a true love affair filled with lies, misunderstandings of all kinds, a trip to the big island of Hawaii.