9 albums, under the age of 20 years, to get to know the video)


The entire world has retreated, and pressed the button, “pause”, since it has been established in the multi-coronavirus, and the need for social isolation. In terms of the music, all the concerts, festivals and shows have been put on hold, and a large part of the transactions referred to were cancelled – in the face of difficulty, to make any disclosure to a traditional at the moment. In this context, the Video) invites you to rediscover the album pop, which they have not had the attention and recognition deserved when they first came out. The content of the site came together and the journalist reports a hard disk to your years. To give you a new chance to them.

Little Voice – Sara Bareilles (2007)
This is from my heart and that’s the only time that Sara Bareilles has been dropped at the mouth of the broad masses of fans of pop, has been for the question of whether there was plagiarism or not, “Brave,” in a “Roar” from Katy Perry. It was in the year 2013. Six years earlier, Sarah, made his debut on the music scene with a soft, tight, and without any error in the production or in the composition. The lead single, “Love Song”, was written under the point of view of the fans-of-pop-love-a-super sonic. Is that just “sprang up”. And that is a shame. The “Little Voice” brings in the experiences of the personal life of the artist (such as the “Morning Side”, “Come Round Soon” and the amazing “Gravity”), and behind-the-scenes of the world of music, such as “Vegas”), without being obvious. On top of that, Sarah also has one of the best singers – and the life of his generation. This is an album for you to listen to with a headset, in the dark, in the fetal position on the bed. Note: if you have a broken heart, ” jumping “Between the Lines”. It’s a punch in the stomach. By Amanda Beech,

“My December” – Kelly Clarkson (2007)
Kelly Clarkson released My December, after the peak of his career. The pressure was high to keep up the success, but it struggled to be true to yourself, and it is against the standards of the market, which is making a hit in the pop, easy going. It was a clash of wrong with their company. Even though it has been released, the project had the support in the disclosure. However, this is by far one of the favourite albums among fans, because it reveals the truth in a sound that is raw, honest, and more inspired by the music. It’s not an album to relax to in the quarantine, since it is a “heavy duty”, but you can still have a little bit of that in tracks such as “Be Still” and “Can I Have A Kiss” – the most soft. The highlight (and the only) single, “Never Again” and the wonderful “On”. By Caian Nunes

“Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie” – Alanis Morissette (1998)
As the world’s experience of social isolation, you can take this time to work on your self-awareness. Just as Alanis Morissette did when you travel to India, and to reframe your journey to emotional and spiritual growth. The result of this re-discovery has been “a Junkie”: an album that is dense, introspective, and full of conversation. “Unsent” is an open letter to all ex-boyfriends, and this is about responsibility, love. She exorcises her demons on the wistful “That I Would Be Good”, and leaves to one side the perception of the people about it. By way of a therapist, solve your differences with your father on The Couch and puts the past in perspective. In the end, “Thank U”, is his genuine gratitude for the good things and the bad, and the lessons that they are. “Junkie” was a lot less than “Jagged Little Pill”, but it was the freedom and the peace of mind that She needed at that moment. By Daiv Santos

“Charmbracelet” – Mariah Carey (2002)
The successor to the album Glitter, the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, to be known as the biggest commercial failure in the careers of Mariah Carey, the disc Charmbracelet, released in 2002, it was viewed with much suspicion, both from the critics as from the public, as it was a year of the big crash, but she was already back with a new record. As the spotlight media is still focussed on the impact of his work as an actor on the bracelet is “charming” with Mariah Carey, the singer showed more of a face to your voice more breathy and, by making use of the semitones in the ballad, powerful like “Through The Rain”, “The One”, “Yours”, and “I Only Wanted”. In addition, it is, of course, from his collaborations with other rappers on his songs, and R&B as a “Boy” with a Cam’, Ron, and “You Got Me” with Jay-Z and Freeway. Closing out the disc is the surprising cover version of a song by pop/rock’s “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” from Def Leppard, something up to then unheard of in canada, will Accept. The emancipation of Mariah Carey would begin right here! By Helena Marques

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“Back To Basics” – Christina Aguilera (2006)
Attaching seamlessly to the jazz, blues, Pop, R&B, and totally inspired by the divas of soul from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s, Christina Aguilera has shown all of his failings, personal and vocal, on the album “Back to Basics” is one of the most underrated of his career. Always overshadowed by titles like “Stripped” and “Bionic”, as they were more “toasted manioc flour”, and the “Back To Basics” is a true masterpiece, the music of my Generation, who brought his strong vocals to the songs, dances, music as well as features such as “Ain’t no Other Man” and “Hurt”. The album is also perfection in its visual identity, from the inside of the disc (which is dual to the looks of the clips, and a tour of one of the biggest in the career of the singer. By Kavad Medeiros

Sandy & Junior – Sandy & Junior (2006)
In the last year of a previously unseen from the duo is the smallest in terms of the popularity of them. It sold the least and had the attention of a smaller audience, but it brings out the true gems. Get “a Strange Way to Love” and guest appearances from Milton Nascimento and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas. The brothers were more mature, confident, and able to balance perfectly with the preference of one or the other. There are ballads and pop tracks, the most in rock and blues. It has the composition of the social aspect and the composition of the comic. The feelings of love and anger. The result is a work of art of the highest quality to the end of the street. By Leonardo Torres

“Underneath” – Hanson (2004)
To grow up in the eyes of the public, it has never been easy for any artist, especially when his first work to reach success, until then, unheard of – that is, in the case of the Power. On their third album and the first released independently on the label’s own 3CG is the first city in Texas had not received the same attention from the media and the public, and even by the financial difficulties at its launch, however, delivered one of the albums strongest in the book. Based on the sounds of power-pop, which is the backbone of All the brothers, and they made an album more polished, more mature, more filled with the choruses catchy, and the lyrics are strong. Although there are no highlights, just as exponential as for “Mmmbop,” from the debut album, “Underneath,” is a more cohesive, tells a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end and brings with it some great songs, such as “Strong Enough To Break” which opens the album, “Penny & Me, Lost Without Each Other”, the “Get-Up-and-Go” and “Crazy for You”. By Mari Pacheco

“Sweet And Sour” – Sweet-And-Sour (2011-Present)
The sweet-and-Sour is a side project of the Youth with the guitar player, Martin Thomas (who plays with she, from the time of the Context). The duo came out of the way without being pretentious, and during the holidays the artist. At that time, they had been elected one of the representatives of the “fofolk,” a label more cute. In spite of the style to be the calling card, the album also has inspirations, melancholy, and reflective.
For the record, it was designed in a studio in the Serra da Cantareira and it shows in the references, and the sounds are different from what the audience of the singer, I was used to. The fans were able to get to know Youth even more so, given that, in addition to the voice, she took up the piano and sung in three different languages (English, Spanish, and French). The track “Dancin”, which is expressed visually, one of the major references on the album, it was the one that generated the noise, and it has brought a new wave of fans to the singer. Revisit the sweet-and-Sour is a great choice in order to understand the importance of Youth to the music of brazil. By Pamella Renha

“ARTPOP” – Lady Gaga (2013)
It was a commercial failure, but it was enough to get Lady Gaga’s the edge for a long time. Artpop or Artflop, as you used to call him a few nasty – has become one of the biggest failures in the career of the singer, so don’t reach for the standard “Concert” quality, which is expected by some at the time. Launched in 2013, which is surrounded by the concepts, the album became a little one, being hated and loved at the same time. Artpop is the third studio album by Gaga. The singer has described it as “a celebration and a musical journey ” poetic,” and an exploration of the phenomenon of “reverse warholiano,” in allusion to the painter’s and the filmmaker is american, and Andy Warhol, a leading figure in the pop art. But the ambition of Her that was shot in the leg. The singer was not able to print out your inspirations and you ran a risk that is common to all the experiments: it isn’t always work. But in terms of music, the album is very wealthy. He has compositions that are purely pop, and the lyrics, Her music speaks to, among other things, it’s about fame, sex, and autocapacitação. The highlight for the opening track, “Aura,” which features almost all of the references that permeate the album. Roll, R&B, EDM, and a lot of the beat in electronic format. As a result, casual listeners, and radio commercials have not had much patience in order to enjoy it. – And Because Of His Edge.

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