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It was at night by the light of candles during a power outage in your neighborhood, that, Rebecca, Fontoura, a recent graduate of technical Informatics Institute of the Federal Fluminense-Campus Bom Jesus do Itabapoana, he received the news of the most anticipated of the last years: in just a few months, you will have a new address in Massachusetts, in the United States, where there is a university, and lived his dream since junior high school. At Harvard, will be the new home of the student, I have people such as Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Natalie Portman, among others. Political journalism is in the area you want for the future of the university.

In the interest of the university, came to the age of 13, when she took part in the prize-giving ceremony of the Games of the Brazilian Math for Public Schools (Obmep), in Rio de Janeiro, where he received his first medal, a silver. In a video shown at the event, which featured the testimonies of the winners of the Prize presented to the student in the career of a political scientist and a member of the federal Tabata Education, bachelor of Sciences, Political science, and Astrophysics from Harvard. “It was out of place in a very difficult financial condition dire, and it was up to myself. For the sake of the coin to her, was able to bag in a great school in Sao Paulo, and, not knowing any English, went on to Harvard university, starting out like me. I was very much in love with the story and the possibilities. The first university in the us, which I knew was at Harvard, and it has never left my mind,” he said.

Before you even set foot in high school, She was already advanced in his research on the new dream. Joining the university was out of the question. He began to learn the English language alone, it is 11 years old, and the knowledge gained has made it possible to read the information on the requirements to be a student at Harvard, straight from the source” as she says. Standardized tests, test of proficiency in the English language, extra-curricular activities, notes from school, letters of recommendation, awards won, offices and even a personal statement, part of a long list of steps that are to be overcome, and that, in addition to that, they were very expensive. “There were a number of things that would make me give it up. I was a little disappointed when I found out the kind of person who goes on to Harvard law school. At first glance, people say that you have to have won a Nobel prize, or done something really awesome, like research, or have won international medals,” he says. According to her, in spite of a very competitive market, in the process, it is possible to, even if there is a failure in the course.

But the process is more involved than an exam. The curriculum for the student that has a great weight in the decision-making of the university, which welcomes the participation in extra-curricular activities as an important part of the education of the student. IFF Bom Jesus do that was with a lab to Love, where he had the opportunity to develop projects, research, and cultural activities, in addition to the live experience, which was based in the main newsroom referred to the committee on admissions of the Harvard law school.

In the end, it reminds us that, “it doesn’t have to be a genius. And I’m not. I’ve taken notes and in the bad, down to six, but the most important thing is to try to keep the ratio of the yield on a formal level. About the activity: do not go by what everyone is doing. Do what you love, pursue your passion. This is the most important of all: it’s what you’re looking for”.

Source: Ascom

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