BBB: speaking of Rafa Kalimann seen the meme of the Series with Danna Paola


Netflix is keeping an eye on the Globe? If you are not aware of the “great day”, right? Your Netflix account on Instagram, decided to have some fun with a scene in which he scored in the 20th season of the reality show: the fights, Rafa Kalimann, and Flayslane.

Speaking of the crossing point has now been translated into Spanish, and it turned out to be a meme that is associated with the character of Danna Paola in the series “the Elite”, which consists of the book of the Series. “The media in the me gustas tu in the I ho en ti, creo, that art incoherente, you are where you conviene,” he says to the assembly.

The talk of Rafa is good in all the different languages. The social networking sites popped-overs in both English and Spanish. Check it out:

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