Chris Hemsworth is interrupted by the child to be interviewed in a live – in Who is


Chris Hemsworth (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth is looking after the children at home during the quarantine period for the new coronavirus. This Friday (the 17th), in an interview with the actor for a video call, a small Tristan6 years old, “broke into” the stream.

At the time, he had been talking with on the radio Triple M. In the beginning of the chat, the interpreter, to Me, seems to hold in the laughter. “It’s very unique, special… those are my kids right there at the bottom,” he explains, before giving a laugh. He made a sign quietly to the child, but Tristan’s logo appears on the side of the father. While Chris went on with the interview, and the small, would give continuity to the play. “I’m sorry, my son is playing on a pillow on my computer. Buddy, just hang in there! You’re going to get this over with,” warns the actor, while it gets to the monitor, without losing any of the humor.

“I love everything about this interview, because I look at Chris, you can do just about anything, the star of Hollywood, and the life is going very well, but, as we all do, you can’t keep your kids under control,” he says of the presenter Luke, The Author Of The Report.


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