Coach of the moment, Klopp’s deal with the eggs, and tie-in to the crisis from the coronavirus that The World is a Ball


Away from the routine of face-to-face training sessions and matches, because of the multi-coronavirus, is the manager of Liverpool Jurgen Klopphas taken the time to learn the things that I could not have imagined that I would learn it before.

You’re the head coach of the time, ahead of Pep Guardiola and Jorge Jesus was, among other things.

A european cup winner with the Reds in 2019, Klopp walked with ease to the end of a bitter and fasting for the last three decades of the club since 1990, Liverpool’s premier league.

The winning of the Champions League, it was crucial for him to win the award for Coach of the Year at the awards ceremony for The Best of the Cup, in September of last year, and deservedly so.

Have you had a recent injury, just prior to the cessation of the team, with the decline of Liverpool, against Atletico Madrid in the game-world’s first in the quarter-final of the Champions league, but the fact that they don’t hit your face.

The ranges for the remote monitoring of training sessions of physical of the squad, as the players are held to their respective houses, and Klopp, as revealed by the LFCTV (TV, Liverpool), is engaged in the activity for which you wouldn’t think that if you give up then.

That is, in the free time, it will focus on several topics that are not related to their profession.

“There’s no but there’s good news in general, but this gave me a chance to do something different, learn new things,” said Klopp. “I’m in charge of the dishwasher, which is currently legal, I am now the master of this little machine.”

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“I did it for the first time, scrambled eggs. Ulla [atual esposa de Klopp] he was very impressed with those scrambled eggs, but I did not want to take the chance, and neither did I ask for it.”

“The next step is to tie a knot in the tie. I am 52 years old, and I am not able to do that. But I’m going to learn it. May possibly take you a whole week, since my hands are usually useless, but it will be a lot of fun.”

The initiatives of Klopp’s caused me to think about. I will wash the dishes in your hand (although there is a microwave available), I never made scrambled eggs (I don’t have feelings for them, nor deep-fried; the taste of hard boiled) and I don’t give a knot in a tie (I have some already purchased all of us are ready).

We, I and Klopp, among men, the exceptions or the rule?

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Jurgen Klopp will vibrate at Liverpool’s x Kingdom for the English premier League in 2019/2020 (Phil Noble – 7.mar.2020/Reuters)

Challenges aside, the coach spoke to us about the entertainment and socialization for your privacy.

A fan of comedies such as “Come & Lois” (with Jim Carrey), which was considered a “movie April fools”, said they were watching it, along with my oldest son, Marc, from his first marriage), the adventures of the Marvel universe with “Iron Man” with Robert Downey, Jr.) one of them, and enjoy.

“These are the films to watch, eating popcorn, with no the need to focus on that a lot.”

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Part of the time Klopp is also used to talk by phone, via the app, with some old friends and/or acquaintances from that time in high school.

“My cousin, who had studied in the same class that I began to post pictures of my own childhood, and asked her if she had more and more people with pics like that, and they started to send out love.”

A photo shared on the group of friends of the school, Jürgen Klopp shows the coach when he was a child (Play, LFCTV)

“It was, to be fair, a great day out. Laughs brightly, picked up a lot of good memories, and now I’ve got those photos.”

He should be given an opportunity to be distracted, or to get involved even with a lot of things, because the practice at face-to-face, and the matches will take some time to be taken up.

There are, in England, the forecast is for the club to return to training on the 16th of may (in about a month) and the Premier League will be resumed on the 6th of June of that year.

In the United Kingdom, more than 15 thousand people have died so far from the Covid-19, and they are almost 115 thousand were infected with the coronavirus.