Daisy Ridley comments on negative reactions to the Star Wars: clone Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


Even though it is one of the franchise’s most successful in the history of cinema Star Wars: Clone Wars he had one end of 2019, a complicated after – With The Rising Fuelclosing of the Saga of the Skywalker, to be received in a combined form by the fans. The protagonist of the new trilogy Daisy Ridley said to have been upset by some of the reactions seen on social media.

In an interview for the podcast DragCast, Ridley said that the message from the public has varied from movie to movie, that being the case, most of the time, positive. “But this last one was a tricky one. January was not a very good one. It was weird, I felt like I was all over that love that we received at the beginning of [sumiu]I was ‘where is the love?’”. The actress says that it’s an experience that’s complicated to be part of a universe that is loved by so many people and you will eventually receive negative messages.

There are things in life that you haven’t seen it, but I honestly was rolling on my the feed in January, trying to get things to Star Wars: Clone Warsbecause I saw the headlines and thought ‘wow, this is a very frustrating’” said Ridley, who, in spite of a rocky time, said he’s proud of his work on the franchise.

With more than$ 1 billion earned at the box office in the world, Star Wars: Clone Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is scheduled to be released on home video in Brazil in the beginning of April.

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