Deadline to have a meeting at walt Disney world


To cheer the fans up during the quarantine, for the sake of the coronavirus, Disney held a special Family Sing-Along. The transmission has been performed in the United States by the ABC.

In the program, many of the artists gathered together to sing familiar songs from the Disney movies. Firstly, the special attention for bringing back the original cast of High School Musical, and performing artists such as Ariana Grande.

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But, by the end of the special, Disney has brought many surprises. The actors of the Upcoming Deadline of the Marvel universe, will also appear.

However, well-known not to sing. The artists took the opportunity to thank the audience and ask you all to stay in the house.

Sebastian Stan, the man of war in Winter, to Don Cheadle, the Fighting Machine, and Elizabeth Olsen, the Scarlet Witch, and Cobie Smulders, Maria Hill, was at the end of the special, doing, thanks. The messages were also for health care professionals in dealing with the coronavirus.

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Other names of the Marvel comics, they were all part of Paul Bettany, the Vision of Emily VanCamp, Agent 13, and Jeff Goldblum, the Grand-Master. Check it out below.

A lot of these actors are returning to Marvel after the Avengers: Ultimatum. The most notable of which are the ones that will be in the tv series of Disney’s+ as well as the films of the MCU.

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Sebastian Stan and Emily VanCamp, for example, be in a Falcon, and the Soldier in the Winter. The series is scheduled for the month of August.

Meanwhile, Paul Bettany, and Elizabeth Olsen star in WandaVision. The series is expected to arrive in the end of the year 2020 in Disney and a+.

The actress has also been confirmed for Doctor Strange: The Reign of Madness. In the movie, when Marvel comes in November 2021.

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All other names have, at some point, also will appear. The characters are still alive in the MCU.

Meanwhile, the Upcoming Deadline can be found on Amazon Prime Video in Brazil.